Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Gail Carriger's 12 Fashion Goals for 2014

So one of my favorite bloggers posted recently about vintage resolutions and I rather loved the idea. I'm not a huge fan of the term resolutions, I prefer goals for some residual emotional reason or other. Regardless, I enjoy the concept of targeting fashion changes, and I like that most of these are SMART (I try to keep all my goals and tasks in life as SMART as possible). So I used this blog post as impetus to schedule everything on my 2014 calendar.

So I modeled my list on her design of one single fashion goal per month. It just seems more manageable that way. I'm also trying to plan when I will purge, when I will shop, and when I will undertake the more disagreeable tasks with rewards in mind ~ so I am more controlled in my spending.

Without further ado...

January ~ Mend and clean clothing
I've already had two zippers fixed and another one is in for replacement right now (I don't do zippers). But I have a stack of seams that need mending and a few other things I can do myself. I have scheduled a block of time at the office to just repair clothing, and another to comb through for things I need to take to the cleaners.

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February ~ Wear items I don’t usually wear
I have a few items in my wardrobe that I tend to shy away from, I should force myself to wear them, decide why I don't, and fix the situation, or get rid of them.

March ~ Edit out and recycle items not being worn regularly
I'm moving this to March, although it should be at the beginning of the year, but I have a number of summer dresses that I need to consign to vintage stores and I think March is about when they start taking stuff for the hotter months. I should be better about letting go of vintage in particular, I hardly wear all the vintage I have, and many pieces don't fit right in the chest anymore. 

April ~ Research breast reduction
It really is time. I've always been comfortable with my body but I'm starting to get more and more miserable about the size of my chest, which will not stop growing (yes everything is fine, it's a British heritage thing). It's negatively impacting my lifestyle and ability to exercise, not to mention mental health. So it's time to come up with a list of local surgeons, price it out, start a savings account, and make an appointment for a consultation with my GP. I also need to find time in my 2015 schedule for (gulp) two months allowance recovery time. (How to grow your bosom ~ according to 100-year-old beauty books.)

Big Girl Perks

May ~ Minor shopping
As a reward for doing the closet editing and reduction research, I get a shopping jaunt, but can only buy stuff on my list of things that needs replacing.

June ~ Weed fashion blogs
I follow a number of fashion blogs for style inspiration but several of the bloggers have had lifestyle changes that no longer match my own, I should go through the process of eliminating them. 

July ~ Assess state of closet
Do a look-through and check for anything I am still not wearing or is stained or damaged beyond repair. Then make a list of things I need to replace. I should also put some focus only my vintage and steampunk items, some of which I love, keep around, but really don't wear. Why don't I wear them more?

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August ~ Integrate vintage
I keep many of my vintage dresses separate from my everyday wear, I don't have the closet space to do otherwise. After July's assessment there is a possibility that some holes may be filled with durable vintage pieces, I should do another run through at this juncture to determine what pieces and what they might replace.

September ~ Wear scarves
I have a number of lighter small scarves that I really should play with more, learn to tie differently, and put in my hair. 25 different ways to wear a scarf.

Screen Cap Cold Comfort Farm

October ~ Wear and weed hats
I tend to wear smaller hats to events, and sun hats on hot days for walking, but otherwise I don't wear hats enough to justify the number I have. I must finally get rid of the ones I love but don't wear, I just don't have the space to keep things that I don't wear consistently.

November ~ Wear jewelry every day
I have so much amazing and interesting jewelry from my grandmother's turquoise chocker, to quirky industrial inspired art pieces, to my great grandfather's tie pin. But I get lazy about jewelry, often forgetting to wear anything. Time to change that.

Brooch and Earrings  early 19th century  Sotheby’s

12 December ~ Assess success/failures for next year's goals
Go back and look at this post to see how I did. Determine if I want to do it again, what worked and what didn't. Take a look at my spending habits, see if they dropped at all.

Retro Rack is also on facebook where I post additional images and fashion thoughts.


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  2. Fantastic! May I beg, borrow, steal from this?

  3. I dig your practical and organized goals, and I'm looking forward to your future blog posts. Your photos of clothes and your outfits are always lovely to behold.

  4. What a great idea! I should do something like this, but factors outside my control make it a bit difficult at the moment. Maybe later in the year I can work something out.


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