Thursday, February 27, 2014

Belts ~ It's What's for Your Waist - Part 1 Decorative by Gail Carriger

Decorative belts, my dear Fashionable Reader, are not a new thing. Here is a brief historical overview from Sophronia's time to today...

We begin with the bow, always a popular choice.

Bodice  1865-1866  Musée Galliera de la Mode de la Ville de Pari

 How about one with a fringed bustle attachment?

1872  Godeys Aug 1872

Or something sparkly? Belt for lady, of black velvet, with jet ornament and chains in front.

1872 Godeys Sept 1872

A bit of everything?

1880  The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Something for Primrose in the Custard Protocol series...

1895 Afternoon Dress  Whitaker Auction

After the turn of the century, decorative belts really had a bit of a revival.

1902  Augusta Auctions

via stylisharistocrat tumblr, Evening dress, House of Worth, c. 1902

1905-1908 Afternoon Dress  Jean-Philippe Worth,  The Metropolitan Museum of Art 

This one is fun.

1930 Belt  Cartier,  Sotheby’s
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