Thursday, February 6, 2014

Gail Carriger in Blush at a Crutrat Tea 2014

So, last year, Fashionable Reader, I was poking about a thrift store looking for a piece for a Halloween costume when I found this dress instead:

At first I thought it was homemade but there is a label reading L. Rothschild San Francisco. Etsy listings and the look of the label suggest this is vintage but while the cut and style scream 1950s I think it might be 1980s or later. The company is now listed as suspended but it incorporated in 1981, and most of the clothing associated with the label has a definite 80s vibe.

Not this one, however.

1950s via goosberrye tumblr

Anyway, the dress fit me well enough and you know I love sleeved day dresses with pleated skirts. I liked the interesting button detail down the front as well. I wore it to the second of the Crudrat teas:

I paired it with black accessories. (Sorry about the lighting, my office is awful back-lit.) I'm wearing it with oxfords (modern from Marshall's $10 on sale, similar), a black bow belt (similar $5), a black beaded cardy (from Ross ages ago), and a black velvet hat (vintage gift). For accessories I have a lace mustache necklace, which I love, but never does hang straight, and some vintage typewriter key earrings, which I practically live in.

The image that inspired this look:

1890s Evening Dress  Worth,  The Mint Museum
I sort of love blush pink and black together. And I know I have to be careful because the pink is so close to flesh tone on me. I don't want to look all naked and stuff. But I have grown to love it.

1955 A Kelvinator Kitchen via rigerwikerson tumblr

1954 Fashion for Good Housekeeping via theniftyfifties tumblr
Of all my current characters, Primrose (in the Custard Protocol series) is the most likely to have blush gowns in her wardrobe. Thus here is a glimpse into that very wardrobe.

1894 Evening Dress  Emile Pingat, The Museum of Fine Arts, Bosto

1894-1895 Evening Dress   The Mint Museum

1898  The Metropolitan Museum of Art

1898 Evening Dress  Jean-Philippe Worth,  The Metropolitan Museum of Art

1900 Ball Gown  Jean-Philippe Worth,  The Metropolitan Museum of Art

1900s Evening Cape  Liberty & Co., The Metropolitan Museum of Art

1905-1907 Evening Dress  Jeanne Paquin, The Metropolitan Museum of Art

1906 Evening Shoes  The Metropolitan Museum of Art

1908-1910  The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Negligée  1908  The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Ta ta for now!

Just look at those pleats! Divine.

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