Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Gail Carriegr Fashion Mixing Patterns ~ Red & White

I'm a bit late on this bandwagon, Fashionable Reader, but I decided at a recent Crudrat tea to try my hand at mixing prints. They say keeping everything in the same color family and going one bold and one busy is best. Given my wardrobe this meant I really had only two choices black and white, or red and white. Here's what I chose:

Of course, I forgot to take any decent pictures but you get the idea. Red pleated skirt with white birds on the bottom (part of a suit), a white shirt with parasol print at the top, and a polka-dotted scarf for my hair.

I really liked the effect and it certainly got a number of compliments as I dashed around picking up the tea things before the event.

However, I'm not sure, it seems a little loud, even for me. Although I did try to make it uber retro, I'm not sold on this style.

How do you feel about mixing prints?

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  1. i don't like the idea of mixing prints. it doesn't look right to me.

    1. Mixing prints is definitely Advanced Wardrobe Technique!

  2. I don't do it, but that's because I'm not advanced with my wardrobe. I love it when I see other people do it (when it works), for example I thought your outfit was cute, sassy with a bit of flirt. I loved it.

  3. I'm too scared to try mixing prints, because I'm sure I'll get it wrong! Also, I don't think I have any coloured prints that will go together. So I think I'll stick to prints with solid colours.

    I really liked your outfit though. Like the above poster said, sassy and cute! I wish I had both the skirt and the top! (I tried to get a black and white skirt with umbrella prints the other day, but the shop had sadly sold out :( I have more luck in the bird department, with a lovely purple and white bird print top!)


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