Thursday, May 15, 2014

Gail Carriger in Mesa, AZ in Striped Seersucker at LepreCon 2014

I love seersucker, Fashionable Reader. It used to be hugely popular but seems to have fallen off as a fabric these days (except for some menswear suiting and nautical inspired sportswear). As a result, when I come across a piece for women it's almost always vintage and it intrinsically comes off as vintage because of the fabric.

Tennis Dress  1885  The Metropolitan Museum of Art
 This is the kind of thing that would have been made of seersucker in the past.

Why do I like seersucker so much? Well the fabric itself is already wrinkled so it packs and travels beautifully. Because it's cotton it's nice and light and yet it's not so thin that I can't wear full foundation garments underneath. These days foundation garments and their viability concerns me a great deal, possibly more than it should.

with Melody via Melody's FB
This dress is fun, if tight across the rack. I had to add several hooks and eyes to keep it from popping open. It's grey striped white seersucker and has an asymmetrical thing going, and only one pocket, weird but kinda funky.

While I was in Mesa, AZ at LepreCon I caught some of those cable TV bride shows. (Follow me here, I'll get to the point.) They always seem to be on Fridays and I always seem to be dressing for a convention in a hotel room right about then, so I put them on for company. (The only time I watch trash TV is in hotels when I am working or home sick, it's kind of like a reward.) Anyway, I have this obsession with wedding attire. Possibly because, for most women in our era, it's the most they will ever spend on a dress yet often they make exactly the wrong choice for complexion and body. It's a hypnotic train wreck and I can't not watch. Anyway, while I had it on in the background, one young lady opted for a seersucker wedding dress with a blue stripe And it was so so cute!

Because seersucker is stiffer than many fabrics the style really has to be a fitted and not flowy. The one in the TV Show wasn't quite the same as this above, it had a little side bow not buckle, but close enough. Anyway, I was charmed, especially as I was about to don a seersucker dress of my own.

Aside from the asymmetrical thing and the one big button, I love the neckline and sleeve length of this dress. I've considered shortening the hem, an inch or so up would be more flattering on my height, but it's so well made, even at the hem, it'd be more bother than it's worth. It is lovely and cool, although for elegance sake I might consider seeing if I can wear the corset under it. Not in Arizona heat, of course.

 This is what my dress should probably look like...

 Dovima for Mari, 1957 via myvintagevogue tumblr; Vogue Fashion Plate

I never had Dovina's figure not even at my skinniest, so I can't expect to look like her. Kind observers would call my curves generous and, frankly, the rack has recently tipped the scale into ridiculous. Since I'm hoping for a breast reduction next year, I've decided to stop worrying about the darn things and embrace them while I have them. Be prepared for some serious va va voom at the events over the rest of this year as a result.

Outfit as planned, you can see what I chose to wear from the cornucopia. I must say I've developed a love of nude fishnets. They are the best in sandals and not as slippy as regular nylons in terms of the shoe relationship. Must order more. My favorites right now are Capezio Women's Studio Basics Fishnet Seamless Tights in Caramel. I find that dance-wear company nylons tend to last longer.

The shoes are Soffts. I've kind of fallen in love with this brand. I think they are an Aerosoles competitor. Their 7.5 fits me great (I have slightly narrow feet), with the only flaw being a lot of their shoes come up to high over the heel rubbing on the Achilles. These sandals I actually just cut down the leather at that part. It's not even noticeable. I'm keeping an eye on them for cute styles, which is where they fall sort. They tend to be very basic, although these peeps with the flower are cute.

More outfits from Mesa to come!

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  1. I like the idea of seersucker for wedding dresses; it would be lovely for an outdoors wedding. Also a fan of nude fishnets - white can be quite nice too.

    Best of luck with the reduction - it's a scary thing, but if your bust is causing you more discomfort than its worth, go for it!


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