Thursday, June 26, 2014

A Glimpse into Gail Carriger's Purse

Curious about what I carry around all of the time? Below, you’ll find what I am currently packing in my ubiquitous vintage handbag.


  1. Collapsible Tote: I live in a shopping bag free county, so I stash these puppies everywhere, including my purse. 
  2. Vaseline Lippy: my new favorite thing, since I recently developed an allergic reaction to other lip care products.
  3. Wallet: I bought this wallet at Marshalls years ago. I love it, it's leather, and I paid good money for it. It's a light color so I can find it inside a dark bag. Unfortunately, it's starting to die, the snap is weak and I've been trying to replace it but you know how it goes. This one has all the right pockets and zippers and nothing else is as good. 
  4. Studded Gloves: yes I really do wear gloves all the time, my hands are always cold. 
  5. Pens: to be honest I don't always have them in my purse, but I am always looking for one, and right now there are two.
  6. Zippy Kit: I move between purses a lot so I have this little kit with my necessities, I put some of them on display along side the zippy ~ lady necessity, germ wipe, tide stain pen, tea, breath mints, colored lip gloss, pain pills, nail file square, cough drops.
  7. Tech Kit: I need a better bag for this but it's all the charge cords I always need plus extra buds.
  8. Sunglasses: I think these came from Kohls. As with most other things, I like a vintage shape.
  9. Tape Measure: I always seem to need one and a friend bought me this steampunk style cuteness, which I keep with me all the time.
  10. Keys: Self explanatory.
"To eat in gloves or mittens was always foolish; fortunately it is no longer fashionable; but greatly the contrary."
~ The Ladies' Guide to True Politeness and Perfect Manners or, Miss Leslie's Behaviour Book by Eliza Leslie (American 1864)

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  1. You are far too organized! I'm finding this quite disturbing. Besides, you're missing tissues (hello, pollen), clear nail polish (though long skirts can preclude this), toothpick (salads are a bitch), and LED flashlight (for those of us who travel by moonlight). The zippy kit is pretty awesome all by its lonesome, though.

    1. You are hilarious! You are right: the tissues and the toothpicks are there, I just forgot to mention them. The nail polish and tiny LED are in different kits. Heh, and I don't carry them with me daily.

  2. Oh, the dreaded hunt for a new wallet! Mine died recently, but I was lucky enough to have a new one waiting in the wings. One of my dearest friends sent me a rather fetching one that she had sewn, my cards fit nicely, and it has a twist-lock on the front. No more annoying snaps! Hope you find an awesome one soon.

  3. Beautifully arranged, very neat! But doesn't every lady wear gloves all the time, outside of her own home?

  4. Ah, the well-organized bag. It's a luxury. I personally wish that my own purse could keep an equally organized life. Unfortunately... it does not. My essentials: wallet, keys, a small multi-purpose rose balm by C.O. Bigelow, pens, a small notebook for quick notes, my spare phone charger, and tissues galore! Oh, and, of course, whichever book I'm reading at the time.


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