Thursday, July 17, 2014

A Timeline for Planning Outfits for a Book Tour by Gail Carriger

It should come as no surprise at this juncture, Fashionable Reader, that I am a mite obsessive about clothing. I have no excuse for this, nor do I feel I need one. For some it's video games or TV, for others it's marathons and exercise, for me it's clothing. The shelf with all my shoes lives in our living room (for lack of space elsewhere) with a curtain over it. Sometimes, I draw the curtain back and just lie on the couch, staring at my shoe collection. It brings me peace. It's meditative. While the AB performs quests and shoots aliens with death rays, I play on my fashion app, Stylebook, and read street style blogs. We all have our stress outlets.


Recently, I've been planning for my upcoming trip to England: two conventions, one event, and family vacation over the course of three weeks. That's a lot to pack. I like to have day and evening outfits when I am at conventions. Although my hotel is far enough away from WorldCon and my schedule is so tight for 9 Worlds I'm not sure I will find the time to change each day, the point is to try.

I realize, I pretty much follow a time line of preparation. Here it is.

Two months out:

  • Begin to assess needs and wants for events. 
  • Determine shoe/hat options. 
  • Review dresses for mending, wear, and fit. 
  • Consider packability and plane outfits. 
  • Check over luggage.
  • Check bra and stocking situation. 
  • Shop as needed.
  • Create packing list in Stylebook.

My new travel pants: comfortable, kind of quirky, black,
already wrinkled, and have front and back pockets.
Yes, I do wear pants. I know, right?

One month out:

  • Online ordering (if local shopping has failed).
  • Review Sylebook packing, remove unwanted items, consider weight and accessory versatility. 
  • Incorporate newly acquired items. 
  • Make notes on what I need to try on together, unusual pairings, and undergarments. 
  • Start thinking about what will need to be laundered and dry cleaned.

Two weeks out:
  • Separate items I'm taking with me out of regular closet rotation.
  • Take in dry cleaning.
  • Launder everything else.
  • Check weather at destination and decide on outer wear and additional layers.

One week out:

  • Assemble all clothing.
  • Try on questionable pairings and outfits, reshuffle is necessary.
  • Double check list.
  • Get luggage out of storage.
  • Begin to fill tote with the vital can't forget necessities.
  • Review and refill toiletries.

Two days out:

  • Final check over.
  • Commence modular packing.
  • Pack everything possible, except clothing.

Day before (or day that) I leave:

  • Roll the three rolls: everyday clothing, event clothing, spare outfit for plane.
  • Obtain plane food and last minute items. 
  • Charge and sync all devices.

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  1. I am intrigued by those travel pants, and not just because I have trouble imagining you not in a skirt. What brand are they, and what's the material, may I ask?

    1. I am sorry to say I picked them up at a thrift store and they are entirely without any labels what so ever. They look almost exactly like the image but the material isn't quite as shiny and has a faint almost seersucker stripe to it. I don't know about the material, I think poly cotton blend. Could be pure cotton. Will find out on the flight, I suppose, how well they breathe. I found the image by searching for ruched pants, and these came up under the pinterest title of ruched track pants. Thse may be them, but no longer in stock. Wish I could be more helpful.

  2. I feel ya, girlfriend! I have over 62 pairs of heels! Just heels! And a whole room dedicated to them. And you aren't the only girl to sit there admiring them with a glass of wine (or cup of tea!) Also, remember - the Victorians traveled with a steamer trunk or three! You are a trend setter! Time to bring that back in vogue! Speaking of trips - I'm hoping to see you in D.C. this fall. I will have to pull out my spy-wear!

  3. This sounds like a great process to go through. I wish I was this thorough when packing for trips - overseas ones, at least!

    Although I am planning to start planning early for Reconnaissance next year, since it seems like there will be a big steampunk and cosplay theme (what with you and Pip and Tee as the main guests!) and I need to work out which of my outfits fly best!


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