Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Gail Carriger's New Acquisitions in 2014

Well, to be truthful, Fashionable Reader: some of these were purchased long ago. I just forgot to post them. But I did break my shopping fast finally (before eShakti). Well, I had a birthday and I apparently have no will power past 3-4 months. Learning process. Here's what I bought...

Black bow pumps from Sofft, $40 at Nordstrom Rack. Sofft is a brand finding its way more and more into my closet. They are basically an Aerosole competitor: good arch support, comfortable insole, retro feel.

1940s Advertisement for similar shoes

They err on the narrow side, which I need, and they do tend to go up high on the Achilles, which I hate. I've been looking to replace my character shoes for a while (which have been my default black pump for 20 years). But I really need to be able to walk long distances in them. I think these will fit the bill, we will find out soon as they are coming to England with me.

Also from Nordstrom Rack, probably about $20. It's leather and it fits the hips. It's narrow and yet still has a bow. (My other black bow belt is thick elastic at the waist.) I probably didn't need this, but I wanted it.

Reversible belt, $30 Nordstrom Rack. Brown on one side, coppery gold on the other and it's leather and fits at the waist. Men have had the reversible belt for ages but us ladies have slim pickings in this arena. Finally, I found this one and I love it. I haven't had a chance to wear it yet but any time I get two outfits out of one item of clothing I'm happy. It's all about double duty when packing, especially accessories.

Grey belt, at the waist, Nordstrom Rack $15. This one filled a niche in my wardrobe. I actually got to cross it off the list. I know, right?

Jersey two tone asymmetrical skirt and long cream lace skirt. Both came from Marshalls for about $20. I love asymmetrical stuff but I can mostly only wear it on the bottom half of my body. This skirt is very easy and I have it partly for beach and pool. The lace skirt was an investment for steampunk events. It's long and fits well but synthetic lace so I can pack it easily. It'll work just as well to wear on a plane as it will with a corset, so another good double duty item.

Two scarves both from Kohls for about $15 each. The first one I bought to go with some turquoise jewelry and because I could also use it as a sash belt or in my hair. I keep seeing vintage pictures of women wearing scarves around their waists and I really want to try it.

via Etsy listing pattern

The mint bird scarf was another whimsy purchase. I love the asymmetrical pattern. Also I adore that color of mint, it looks great with my complexion (I think). It also reminds me of one of my favorite Gunne Sax dresses of all time. (I used to have several in high school. It was my way of interpreting the 90's grunge babydoll.)

Leopard headband for $5. It gave me a headache because it has the metal (not plastic) band. I wanted something that took my leopard accessories from day to night. For although I love my leopard pillbox hat, it really does not work for an evening look. I took it apart, put it onto a clip instead and this one will come to England with me.

Red pedal pusher pants in a heavy cotton waffle fabric. Yes I know, I have winched on about Capris in the past. But I did say if I found the perfect pedal pusher cut I would buy them. These are darn near perfect: too the waist, quite tight, nice thick fabric, and a beautiful deep red. You see I have had the perfect red trumpet skirt on my wish list for ages with no success. I found these, tried them on at a whim, and then realized they could fill the same niche in my closet. So I bought them. In fact, I think I may wear them today!

P.S. There are no links to Amazon in this blog post for this reason.

"Fashion is one of the very few forms of expression in which women have more freedom than men. And I don’t think it’s an accident that it’s typically seen as shallow, trivial, and vain. It is the height of irony that women are valued for our looks, encouraged to make ourselves beautiful and ornamental… and are then derided as shallow and vain for doing so. And it’s a subtle but definite form of sexism to take one of the few forms of expression where women have more freedom, and treat it as a form of expression that’s inherently superficial and trivial. Like it or not, fashion and style are primarily a women’s art form. And I think it gets treated as trivial because women get treated as trivial. What’s more, there’s an interestingly sexist assumption that often gets made about female fashion — namely, that it’s primarily intended to get male attention and male approval."
— From Fashion is a Feminist Issue by Greta Christina 

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  1. Oh my goodness, those fabulous shoes are coming to England with you? I cannot wait! Well, I couldn't wait anyway, and I have been looking forward to seeing what outfits you will wear, but those shoes are very beautiful, so I look forward to seeing them in person.

  2. Now that is a pump I could wear! I need the arch support.

  3. Dreamy lace skirt!

  4. All such lovely new acquisitions! They remind me that I need to go through my wardrobe and replace some things. A future reward when uni is over, perhaps.

    I REALLY like that quote from Greta Christina. It perfectly sums up the argument I was trying to make the other day when explaining to someone why I love Legally Blonde (both the movie and the musical) so much and why Elle Woods is such a strong character, BECAUSE she retains her focus on fashion and not in spite of it. I only wish I'd read that quote before then!


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