Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Gail Carriger's eShakti Dresses Arrive, Gail's Report!

My custom sized dresses arrived in the mail from eShakti yesterday, Fashionable Reader. (Here's me on ordering and what happened next, with tips.)

I'm going to cut out all the suspense right away, and tell you my feeling instantly. I know, bad storytelling.

I am THRILLED!!!!!!

First, let's get a few niggling little issues out of the way.

The fabric quality isn't great, it's a little thin, but it is lined. Also the stitching is all single and not reenforced, there are no fine or French seams, nothing fancy, and it's a little wonky and wobbly in places. But at these prices I'm paying for something that actually fits me, not couture. So I don't expect couture finishing.

But that's all I have to say negative. On to the positive.

They arrived a full week ahead of schedule. Yes!

Wanna see? Oh yes you do!

Sorry, Lilliput would not get out of the picture. Also I've no makeup on so I cut off my head. This is the internet after all. Girls gotta do what a girl's gotta do. On the left is the dotted dress. Sweetheart neckline, full skirt. On the right is the lilac with the ruffle overlay, tulip style skirt, custom modifications.

Polka Dot Cutout Cotton Dress

I ordered it with a shorter hem line, to the knee. You can't quite tell, but it is pretty near exactly at my knee, perhaps a tiny bit bellow. I am impressed with the custom length. It fits the rack perfectly, in fact it may even be minimizing. YES! That could be because the added pockets make it ever so slightly hippy, which balances out the Rack. Take that as a warning, removing the pockets is always an option and does not cost extra, if hips are your problem area, I suggest you choose that option.

Dots are more orange than red, but still cute. I have two problems with this dress, first that the bra can be seen on the side, under the arm. I should not have been surprised by this, given the cut. But I think, in future, I will only order dresses that have sleeves, or the option to add. Second, this one doesn't have bra strap keepers, and it really needs them, the straps keep sliding off my shoulder.

The up side is that the neckline is wide enough to allow me to step into this dress and pull it up. Since I hate pulling dresses on over my head (makeup muss) this a great thing to know about the sweetheart shape from eShakti

I plan to wear the heck out of this dress during summer months. I was thinking, they have a top in the same fabric with a peplum that I can order with long sleeves. It would turn this dress into something completely different. And you know I love versatility, so I may order that next.

Florence dress

I love this. Love it.

I think the cut is even more flattering than the one above. It fits perfectly. See how the pocket disappears when the skirt is pleated at the top? And since the cut is vintage-style to the waist, the pleated bit poofs out perfectly to disguise the girl tum. I do adore that sleeve length, glad I chose it. You remember I left it up to the custom ordering clerk to choose the neckline? This is the boatneck and I love it too. It won't work with my stacked pearls, but they probably would have been too busy with this pattern anyway.

Please ignore cat cleaning her butt in background, sigh.

Aptly described as ribbon lace, you can kind of see the detail. Those circles are made by sewing small ribbons in concentric figure eights. Cute, no? And we busty girls love the overlay, hides any and all foundation seams. Victory!

A note: I can not imagine better bridesmaid's dresses. eShakti has some maxi options, and the ability to get different sleeves and hem lengths for different body types. They are fabulously cheap by comparison to other bridesmaid's dresses and can be made to fit properly. Do your bridesmaids a solid and pick one of eShakti's many options. They really will be able to wear it again!

Next up in the blog, I have formulated 10 Rules for Shopping eShakti.

For now, I leave you with my happiness. I will certainly be ordering from them again. In fact, I can't imagine bothering with regular shopping anymore. Not for dresses.

Secret? I may have already ordered more. So many are so tempting. Plus, their is that matching polka dot print blouse...

Retro Rack is also on facebook where I post additional images and fashion thoughts.


  1. Eeeeee! Happy for you! And pretty, pretty.

  2. So happy to hear that you approve! Yay! :P

  3. You look fabulous! I especially like the lavender. The cat butt pic actually made me LOL.
    I'm so glad you did this post. I ran across eShakti while shopping for a dress for a rehearsal dinner and then remembered you'd done a blog about them. I was waiting for your report.
    Now I think I'll go ahead and order the dress I had my eye on. Navy blue with teal dots and tailored to my curvy hips.
    Can't wait to see pics of you in the dresses with your book covers!

  4. both look very nice. i can't wait to see them in "action" with accessories & stuff.

  5. Wow, they both look fantastic! Even with the bra-showing issues on the black one, seems like nothing a bolero or a tiny cape couldn't hide :D (AAHHH tiny capes, do want!)

  6. Both dresses are lovely! I particularly like the black one with the polka dots. I think it's darling, and -very- retro.I might just have to give eShakti a try!

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  8. Oh they're both gorgeous! I especially like the polka dot dress; it looks really lovely on you.


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