Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Gail Carriger in a Cream Lace Dress With Black In England fro WorldCon 2014

A little while ago I purchased this Tahari a cream lace dress at TJ Max.

It looks only a bit retro, but if fit so well I had to buy it. Nothing seems to fit these days. It also packs well, so I took it with me on my recent trip to the UK. I wore it to all three of my events, styled differently each time. 

At 9 World with a black wrap shirt from Max studio, black pumps, typewriter key earrings, and a black velvet hat with my hair slicked back. My favorite look for this dress.

In Nottingham with the same shirt underneath the dress, a bow belt, same pumps, and a flower in my hair.

And for an evening look with a beaded sweater and a black jet tassel necklace with matched earrings.

A Moment of Then & Now


1903  The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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  1. I do love your sense of style (and I apologize if this shows up twice)!

  2. That dress looks lovely on you. The outfit with the cardigan is my favorite but I'm biased because I love carddigans.

    I took the plunge and got 6 eShakti dresses recently after I saw your post about them. They haven't arrived yet but I hoping for good things.

    1. Good luck! I'm goign to be ordering more soon. I did just learn that there is a tariff to pay on the dresses with was a bit annoying. Extra $40 I wasn't expecting.


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