Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Gail Carriger eShakti Retruns & Final Thoughts on Customizing for the Rack

I ended up deciding to return that blue umbrellas dress to eShakti, as well as the dot top and the green color-block dress. Their process is a little convoluted, Fashionable Reader. I had to fill in a form that comes with the dresses, also go to their website and file a return via my account for each garment. I then got an email for each piece which I had to then print out and included in the box. Then once the garments reached the warehouse they went into processing and two weeks later I got a refund. However, considering the garments are custom, I'm pleased to even have the option.

Things to know:

  • One can choose to be refunded the cost of the dress or given store credit. 
  • Refunds do not include shipping or custom fitting payments. 
  • If one chooses store credit they add 20% value to the return (and a year to use it). 
  • The return label if for USPS (not UPS drop off).

I like how generous eShakti is with store coupons. $25 to use within the next 90 days after any order. 10% for filling in their very short survey. Common 3-for-2 dress sales and now the 20% return for store credit policy. Occasional free shipping.

So despite the fact that I returned half of what I bought this last order, I will be ordering from them again. I opted for store credit (plus all my accumulated coupons) I'll have a lot to use up when I return from England.

I already posted my 10 Rules of Shopping eShakti but here are some lessons learned specific to my top heavy figure.

When Custom Ordering For the Rack

Gail's check list for herself. 

  • Cotton poplin wrinkles.
  • Cotton knit is thick and stretchy.
  • Haven't tried: cotton sateen, plain Cotton, Cotton/Spandex jersey, Cotton/Spandex woven poplin
  • Lighter colored, make sure it's lined, but lining makes it warmer.
  • Bodice must have at least front and side darts. Better: princess seams.
  • Pleating at the waist for the skirt is good. 
  • Pleating at the waist for the bodice is not good.
  • Wider waist belts are better.
  • Avoid curved waist.
  • Elastic smocked waist panels at back are good.
  • Must have inner bra strap keeps.
  • Avoid lighter top, darker bottom.
  • Solid colors integrate into my wardrobe best.
  • The more vintage the better.
  • Consider removing embroidery.
  • Keep an eye on the jackets.
  • Monitor seasonal shifts.
Style: Neckline

  • Necklines I like: Shaped Scoop, Boat, Notched, Sweetheart.
  • Necklines I haven't tried: Scoop, Square, U Neck, V Neck, Notched V-neck .
  • Necklines that will be too low for the Rack: Wide Deep Square, Wide Deep Scoop, Wide Scoop, Wide V.
  • Look for folding/pleats over the bust: allows for more bra versatility and optional corset (like the Havana, Brooklyn or Lilian dresses none of which I would have considered in the past).
  • Avoid darts down from the neckline.
Style: Sleeve

I love the elbow length sleeve but I need to be more thoughtful about how it will go with the rest of the dress. For lined poplin day dresses I should do a short sleeve. I must keep in mind the sweaters and jackets I'll be wearing over the dress.

Style: Skirt

While the mini is not for me, I should think about above the knee (day dresses) and midi (pencil dresses) as viable options. I really loved how that midi trumpet skirt came out.

In other news, ran across this useful blog post recently: Button-front Shirt Sources for Ample Busts

Retro Rack is also on facebook where I post additional images and fashion thoughts.

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  1. Thanks for the link on the button-front shirts! I've just about entirely given up on those. I just got my gift card for the 2 things I returned to eShakti but I'm so glad they give you a year to use it--I've been losing weight so I think I'm going to wait a few months.


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