Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Gail Carriger Wears Coral in California at Convolution

So Fashionable Reader, for Convolution this last weekend I wore one of my new eShakti dresses with black accessories.

This is their Heather dress for $150 (although when I bought it was more like $90 plus coupons and discounts). I had it custom fitted, the skirt lengthened, and short sleeves instead of cap sleeves. Frankly I still didn't expect to like it as much as I do.

A warning, the strapless under dress is NOT fixed to the overlay. I had to put the dress on, adjust the strapless part to lie properly, have my assistant help me pin it, then borrow some matched thread from a friend (I don't keep coral around, apparently) and put in keeper stitches carefully by hand, using the pattern to hide the stitches. This was no problem for me, because of my resources, but if you are top heavy and can't do your own mending, do not buy this dress.

Anyway, it wears beautifully, no wrinkling, the custom sizing couldn't be more exact. It is a perfect light weight feel and the lace overlay hided bra lines and straps.

I paired it with black accessories. Were we in the Spring I might wear it with cream or white, but despite the fact that it's supposed to be 90 this week (argh!) it is fall and for a convention I wanted to play down the coral.


I broke out one of my larger hats (because it was a local con so, no packing!) and I wanted to play up the 1930s length. This is the wine colored teardrop hat I got in Calistoga for $15 and dyed black. I wore my typewriter key earrings and pen necklace for daytime and switched to the jet set for evening. I had on a belt but decided I preferred it without, a good choice as I kept the jacket buttoned most of the time anyway. That jacket is part of my favorite Dior sheath dress suit. I have on a coral bracelet but I took it off and wore black kid gloves instead.

The shoes are Earth wedges. I recommend them for higher arches and also they have a relatively low heal. (This is the Caraway which is no longer available but here is a very similar shoe c. $100.) I don't love the cut through styling as a rule, it's a bit, well, earthy for my taste, but these are my only black wedges for the moment, plus the pattern on the shoe went with the pattern of the dress, and they really are comfortable. I switched them out for my Irregular Choice sky high Chinese influenced wedges that night and instantly regretted it. I love IC shoes and I always get compliments when I wear them but they are torture. Stupid Irregular Choice. Grrrr.

I don't wear coral lipstick so I went for a red that had the same base tones, and a little more blush than usual. Since I have slightly sallow skin, coral looks good on me. So do most Easter colors. It's hard for a former goth girl to reconcile with coral, but in the end I am happy I purchased this dress. I can already tell that right up until the surgery it will become a wardrobe stable. I suspect it may come to New Zealand with me next year.

In the end: points to eShakti.

If you like the color but not the cut, they carry this fabric in the Florence with a full pleated skirt and long sleeves. If you like the cut but not the color? I think this laser cut turquoise and white may be similar.

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