Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Dresses in Curtsies & Conspiracies by Gail Carriger

Dear Fashionable Reader, Curtsies & Conspiracies will be available in trade paperback on October 7, 2014. (After which Waistcoats & Weaponry releases in hardback.)

I take a lot of inspiration from actual dresses when I am writing about these characters. I thought you might like a peek at a few of my inspirational clothing pieces for this book.

On Dimity:

1850s Evening Dress Augusta Auctions

“Unless Sophronia missed her guess, the poor lad was already developing romantic feelings toward her friend. Many of the sooties probably were. Dimity was so pretty and chattery, she quite overpowered the average male. Many gentlemen were unable to cope with abundant chatter, which is why they so often married it.”
― Gail Carriger, Curtsies & Conspiracies 

On Lady Linette:

1850s Whitaker Auctions

On Monique:

1850 Dress From Fashionmuseum.com

On Sophronia:

1853 Blue Evening Dress The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Bolero  Cristobal Balenciaga, 1946  The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Petticoat 1840-1855  The Metropolitan Museum of Art

1850 April Tea Le Follet v. 34, plate 76

“You’re a wonderful dancer, Ria.”
“Mademoiselle Geraldine’s takes such things seriously.”
“Ah. And how many ways do you know to kill me, while we dance?”
“Only two, but give me time.”
“You have lovely eyes. Has anyone ever told you that?”
“What rot. They are a muddy green. What are you about, Lord Mersey?”
Felix sighed, looking genuinely perturbed. His air of ennui was shaken. “I am trying to court you. Truth be told, Miss Temminnick, you make it ruddy difficult!”
“Language, Lord Mersey.” Sophronia felt her heart flutter strangely. Am I ready to be courted?
― Gail Carriger, Curtsies & Conspiracies 

Robe à Transformation  1865  The Metropolitan Museum of Art

If you've read Curtsies & Conspiracies do you remember these moments? If not, before Waistcoats & Weaponry you might want to do a reread because Sophronia's life is about to get a great deal more complicated.

Waistcoat  1840-1860  Nasjonalmuseet for Kunst, Arketektur, og Design

“What do you want?" Sophronia was moved to exasperation.
"Me? Stockings and breeches to come back in fashion. I do miss seeing a man's calves.”
― Gail Carriger, Curtsies & Conspiracies

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