Thursday, September 4, 2014

Gail Carriger Talks Fashion From England 2014 ~ Ketchup Squirt

Here, Fashionable Reader, is a collection of stylish images from my recent trip to England. Basically this is one of my Ketchup Squirt Posts, only over here on Retro Rack and not on the Author Blog. I hope you enjoy.

Cupcake Teacup Tiny Hat at 9 Worlds

1870s Dresses on display in Derbyshire

The smallest sewing machine I ever saw, for neck cloths

Self at 9 Worlds (via Twitter)

My Ritual Pilgrimage

The Infamous Real McCoy

"A store is not the place for social intercourse, and you may chance to say something there, that bystanders should not hear."
Real McCoy's display with Parasols & Fans

I bought a lovely new dress from Real McCoy for my upcoming Waistcoats & Weaponry book tour this November, but it's at the cleaners. I'll post a picture when I get it back. Very cute early 1960s teal velvet number with a draped waist to hide all my sins and a rosette. I also used my credit from those returns and some accrued coupons to order 4 more eShakti dresses. More about those when I get them in.

Here's a random fun link for you: An Illustrated Guide To The Galaxy Of Women's Shoes

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