Tuesday, September 2, 2014

6 Fashion Blogger Questions from Gail Carriger

1. What made you want to start your blog?
I love blogging and writing. I spend the majority of my down time looking at fashion blogs and thinking about clothing. I wanted an outlet for that part of my creativity. My author blog is all about the writing business (though still fun) part of my life, this blog was a great way to explore my showmanship side. Also as I wended my way through various fashion street blogs I noticed the women were either ultra skinny fashion industry types or plus size stunners. There was nothing for people like me, average in general, top heavy in particular. I wanted to read a blog that gave me tips on where to shop and how to dress and couldn't find that blog. So I started it myself.

2. Do you have any specific fashion goals for the rest of 2014?
I wanted to find a really stunning teal dress by my November Waistcoats & Weaponry book launch, and I managed to score a velvet beauty while I was in England. I have a short list of items I'm always looking for, like replacement red pumps. But right now I'm actually trying really hard not to buy too much. I hope to have reduction surgery next year, and there's no point in buying lots stuff now that won't fit in the future.

3. Who was your first style icon?
The cast of Cry Baby.

4. What's the one wardrobe essential you can't live without?
The Stylebook fashion app informs me that the things I wear the most are: My black leather day bag, my studded leather motorcycle boots, and my typewriter key earrings. But I'm always willing to shop so nothing is irreplaceable.

5. When you can't think of anything to wear, what's your go-to outfit?
A cute ultra girly retro dress with a motocross jacket and motorcycle boots (for day) or mile high strappy sandals (for evening).

6. Who takes the majority of your photos?
When I’m at events and have a travel companion then she/he does it. If I'm alone at an event, when someone asks to photograph me, I ask them to take a picture with my iPhone for the blog. I always have to remind them to include shoes. If Locus is present, I tap one of the staff. If I'm local, which isn't often, it's the AB.

Above you can see two recent images both with the iPhone: the first taken by a professional press photographer the second is taken by a friend with minimal tech experience.

 Here's one taken by a traveling companion, and a second taken by a random person in the bar.

This last was taken by an ex-professional fashion photographer.

Can you see how several factors are involved in the quality of the photo, not just lighting and outfit? There's also angle and my own comfort level with the photographer to consider.

Anyway, Fashionable Reader, I do hope it goes without saying that if you ever have any questions for me you should please feel free to leave them in the comments. At any time, not just for this post.

And, just in case you like to read it, here's an article and interview in French about my fashion choices. 

Pip pip!


"Should you perceive that the dress of another lady is, by some accident, out of order—for instance, that a hook or a button has become unfastened; or that a string is visibly hanging out; a collar unpinned, and falling off; the corner of a shawl dragging along the floor; a skirt caught up; or a sleeve slipping down, immediately have the kindness to apprize her of it in a low voice, and assist her in repairing the mischance; and, if necessary, leave the room with her for that purpose."
~ The Ladies' Guide to True Politeness and Perfect Manners or, Miss Leslie's Behaviour Book by Eliza Leslie (American 1864)

Retro Rack is also on facebook where I post additional images and fashion thoughts.

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