Saturday, September 13, 2014

Gil Carriger on More eShakti & A Warning


First, I must tell you something important I only recently learned. There is also an import tax on clothing purchased via this website. After my various purchases before my trip, I was startled to find, upon my return, a Tariff for $40 on top of everything else. So please keep that in mind if you buy from them and are on a tight budget.

More Shopping

Anyway, I returned to find that the store has added new things for fall. There is a lot of forest green (which I love) but I had hoped for other autumnal colors. All in all there is much less selection than when I first visited the site which leads me to think that their biggest selection is probably for Spring and early Summer. Never the less here are a few I covet right now:

Chambray linear print sheath dress

You can add sleeves on to it. It's basically a  wiggle dress with a perfect cut for a curvy figure (front pleats may even work with a corset) and vertical, not horizontal, lines in a pattern that will disguise bra seams. So why didn't I buy it? I have a LOT of patterned blue dresses in my wardrobe already, it just doesn't work for my needs right now. Sigh.

Ruffle front wool blend plaid dress

I do love plaid. And this just looks like it would be so flattering, disguising all ones sins in all the right way. Unfortunately the description says the fabric is actually wool blend and even lined I'll probably turn into one big itch. They have the same dress in a pink and cream cotton check but I already have one very similar so I've given this style up. Still, so flattering.

You can get this one with sleeves too, and I do love emerald green. I have green eyes (I know, who knew under the glasses?) so I like to think green is one of my colors. Also I've been trying to add more swing skirted cocktail dresses to my collection, given that they can pair with flats or heels. Why didn't I buy it? I'm not confident that the neckline is flattering on my chest and even with the overlay I would worry about bra straps showing. Also that cut wouldn't work over my corset so...

"Except to ladies whose chief delight is in seeing things connected with dress, to go shopping with a stranger is usually very tiresome."
~ The Ladies' Guide to True Politeness and Perfect Manners or, Miss Leslie's Behaviour Book by Eliza Leslie (American 1864)

So what did I use my return credit a coupons to order?

Why did I choose these? I think every girl should have the courage to add Hawaiian print to her wardrobe, just once. (Although I'm not sure about dudes.) This seemed one of the nicest ways to introduce it. It has a black background, green, pink, and cream, all colors I can accessorize well. And now 'll be prepared to honor Jay, or visit the Locus awards, or go to Hawaii ~ as needed. As for the second: I bypassed this laser-cut turquoise color-block twice already but I kept thinking about it. It's a good match to my next book cover, it was on sale, so I just decided to give it a try. Yes it has many of the problems of the emerald cocktail number so I am nervous. But I couldn't stop thinking about it.

Both of these are replacement pieces. The black and white check is to replace my much beloved checked suit. I really love the style of it, although I probably don't need this dress at all. I hope it packs OK. Although the title says wool the fabric description does not, so fingers crossed that it isn't wool. If it makes me itch, I will have to return it. The pink is to replace a peach sheath. I think this one will be much more versatile. The color will work better on my complexion and the lace overlay makes it much easier to wear foundation garments than my previous peach number.

Yes I did customize them all, but you'll have to wait to see what I chose to do. I know, I know, the tension is killing you! Yes I worried about the bra straps showing on the laser and the pink, but I think the overlay is tick enough on both to hide straps. Because of the bodice color on both, I'll have to wear a nude bra with each anyway.

I am hoping they all pack OK. We will find out as soon as the box arrives, wrinkles do not lie.

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  1. So the tariff bill that showed up--was that for your first order, and you can expect more bills to come?

    I got their recent $20 off coupon and went on the site, but came up empty-handed (empty-carted?) because nothing wowed me. I still have my refund gift cards to redeem though.

  2. Well...that makes me nervous. Hopefully I don't get a bill. Out of the four dresses I ordered only two fit, the other two are way too large in the waist. I emailed them pictures of the ill fitting dresses and they're "confused" and asked me to check my measurements again. Measurements are still the same and that doesn't explain why two fit fine and two don't. Hopefully they'll fix the issue.

  3. they should warn people about the extra charge.

    the pink one is nice, as was the green one. too bad it wouldn't work out.

    totally off-topic; i just found out about "dapper day" at disney parks where people show up in their finest, usually retro-looking, clothes.


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