Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Gail Carriegr Orders New Dresses from eShakti

The new dresses have arrived!

I am delighted with...

3 of them.

Frankly, 3 out of 4 ain't bad.

I must say, this is a loosing proposition, money wise, with the returning and the sunk shipping costs and tariff and so forth, but in the end I struggle so much these days to find anything that fits the Rack that I'll take what I can get. With surgery in my future, however, this may be my last order for a while.

"Remember that in all American stores, the rule of "first come, first served," is rigidly observed. Therefore, testify no impatience if a servant-girl, making a sixpenny purchase, is served before you—which she certainly will be, if her entrance has preceded yours."

So what did I get?

Heather dress in coral

Custom Sized with short length sleeves rather than capped, and the skirt lengthened to mid-calf, and pockets removed. (I don't like pockets in pencil dresses.)

"But for travelling, have another pocket, concealed beneath your upper petticoat, and in that keep the main portion of your cash."

At first I was really unsure as there seemed something horribly off about the under layer over the Rack. Then I realized it had that strapless sticky stuff and wasn't attached to the overlay (nor meant to be). I shifted it around a bit and... I like it! I can wear a nude bra under without the straps really showing, and as I hoped bra seam lines don't show because of the overlay. It is nice and light and it will pack easily. I'm taking it in to the office to put a few keeper stitches in over the Rack, just for my own piece of mind. I'll probably wear it to Convolution in a few weeks.

Split neck tropical floral print dress

I ordered this one custom sized with added short sleeves and skirt to the knee. This one is darn near perfect. The zipper up the front actually works, although why I would need it? The fit is good. The fabric is thick enough to hide most bras, and I like the box pleated skirt. The one down side is that the fabric is super wrinkly ~ ironing in my future. I'm pleased I opted for the short sleeves because any longer it would be too much solid black on top. The colors will work really well with my accessory collection and the neckline isn't too low. This one is a real winner. I can't wait to wear it. But I need the right occasion. Tiki bar here I come! I may wear it on tour this November even though it's winter on the East Coast because it's that cute.

Laser cut illusion sheath dress

I got this one custom sized with cap-sleeves added, the skirt to below knee length and pockets removed.

The fit is a tad loose but still good enough. Luckily this dress has the under layer is sewn to the over-layer in the Rack area. Bra straps are not visible enough to worry me, and as I hoped bra seam lines don't show. I think I maybe should have gone for a knee length skirt, but despite that I really love it. It is super light weight (like a slip) and looks like it will pack like a dream. Unfortunately, the white underskirt is sewn in at the side seams or I would shorten just the underskirt for a slightly altered look. Still may do that at some point. Otherwise I am super pleased with this one too. It's not very retro, I was hoping for a early 60's mod thing. It might lean that way with the right accessories, but I'm OK with some modern stuff in my wardrobe. I know, shocking!

Side button wool blend dress in black/off-white

I got this one custom sized with short sleeves added.

Sadly this is the one I have to return. The fabric is not wool but it is really thick and very scratchy. The dress isn't lined and with the weight of the fabric I just know I'll be miserable. So this one I will be sending back, lesson learned: even wool-like isn't going to work for me. Glad I didn't get that plaid one as well. Frankly, this was the one I needed least so...

All in all I am pretty happy with this round, and like I say it's now time to stop.

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  1. I just got their email with all their plum-colored and garnet-colored models and just might give a few of them a try


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