Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Quiz! Match the Finishing School Character to Her Dress from Gail Carriger

It's funny, Fashionable Reader, but I spent so much time researching clothing (for each time period that I write in) that I have gotten to the point when I see a dress on one of my favorite blogs and I instantly know which of my characters might wear it.

So I thought we would have a little game. Hope you like the idea.

Bellow I have chosen some dresses that I think utterly exemplify several of my Finishing School characters. I'll give you the list of characters and then the dresses and you can guess which would be worn by whom. I'll give you the answers in a few days.

Wanna play? You can leave your answers in the comments or you can just play along at home.

Characters Represented:

  • Dimity
  • Sophronia
  • Sidheag
  • Lady Linette
  • Preshea
  • Monique
  • Agatha
  • Professor Lefoux


1850s  The Metropolitan Museum of Art


1851-1854 Red The Metropolitan Museum of Art


1850s Ensemble  Nordiska Museet


1850s  The Metropolitan Museum of Art


1853 Evening Dress  1853  The Metropolitan Museum of Art


1854-1855 Blue The McCord Museum


1854 Evening Dress  1854  The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston


1850-1855  The Metropolitan Museum of Art2

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  1. Dimity 3
    Sophronia 4
    Sidheag 1
    Lady Linette 7
    Preshea 8
    Monique 6
    Agatha 5
    Professor Lefoux 2

  2. This is hard!
    I know nothing about fashion but here it goes:

    Lady Linette: #5 - Reason: It's the dress that shows the most skin.
    Dimity: #7 - Reason: It has the weird accessory.
    Sighead: #3 - Reason: Plaid
    Agatha: #6 - Reason: It's kinda awkward.
    Monique: #4 - Reason: It's the most fashionable?
    Professor Lefoux: #1 - Reason: Red and Professor like
    Preshea: #8 - Reason: Second most fashionable?
    Sophronia: #1 - Reason: Last season in the country


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