Thursday, October 16, 2014

Fan Influenced Imagery & Fashionable Items from Gail Carriger

Still thinking about Sophronia and her fans, Fashionable Reader.  Only this time I've been delving into things that feature fans.

Here we go...

(via design-is-fine- tumblr) Portable Desk, japanese laquerware for western markets, 16th-17th century. Brooklyn Museum

Bracelet  Victorian  Lang Antiques
1880 Dress  1880  The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Pendant Brooch  Charlton, 1925  Christie’s
By Cakes Decor (via Cake Wrecks member Ria123)
My Earrings
And my other pair made of shell.
ava_gardner fan
1919 finethankyouandyou-tumblr "La Flamme et L’Allumette," Illustration for Harper’s Bazaar (1919).
Erté (Romain de Tirtoff) (French (born Russia), St. Petersburg 1892–1990 Paris)

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  1. I always really enjoy your series of images, but these are particularly breathtaking. Now looking at vintage fan bracelets on eBay. Dangerous...


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