Saturday, October 18, 2014

Gail Carriger Recent Acquisitions ~ Teal Velvet Dress

Well, Fashionable Reader, while in England I bought this velvet dress. I hinted at it in previous posts.

I found it at Real McCoy in Exeter. It fits the Rack but is a little big everywhere else. Still it's such a lovely color and a great match to my new book cover (Waistcoats & Weaponry) that I couldn't resist. I paid about $100 for it. Which is more than I normally like to spend on a event gown, but it's England, everything costs more there.

The sellers tag said 1960s but if it is, it must be early 60s (my guess is more like late 50s by the cut). But it's in fantastic condition.

I'll be wearing it on the Waistcoats & Weaponry book tour this November. So you will see pictures of me in it after that.

Some of the things I love about it? 

The swag of extra fabric at the waist, hides the girl tum. A neckline high enough to allow all bras (and fabric thick enough to disguise seams) but still low enough to show off necklaces. Solid beautiful color allows me to go wild with most of my accessories. Evening appropriate.

Some things I'm scared of?

It's unlikely to pack well. Thick velvet can be quite warm. And it is a little big, so I'm not certain how flattering it is. I took a look at it to see if I could take it in myself, but I think it requires a professional tailor. If I'm going to do that, I'll wait until after surgery.

Here are some dresses with similar cuts, or at least concepts: 

2014 Cushnie

1950 Dress  Ceil Chapman, 1950s  Mill Street Vintage

2014  Lanvin boat neck fitted dress

Ensemble  Jacques Doucet, 1920-1923  The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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