Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Gail Carriger in Green Rose Print 1960s Evening Dress in DC for the Waistcoats & Weaponry Tour

As noted in the last post, for my Waistcoats & Weaponry book tour, Fashionable Reader, I tried to dress in outfits that matched my cover. On the first day for my launch event and on Saturday of World Fantasy I wore this vintage early 1960s I. Magnin print cocktail gown. It has green roses (they are fuzzy to the touch!), a slightly tulip shaped skirt, and half length sleeves. This has to be one of my favorite vintage dresses.

I paired it with long green satin gloves (they come in most any color you want for about $12), a green and black Lucite necklace, and a green feather hair band (both vintage).

Here are the two sides of the feather band. I bought it just with the feathers, they had fallen off one end so I sewed on that vintage gold and green scarf clip. I do love the band. As you can probubly tell, I am wearing my corset with this dress. It no longer fits the Rack without it. Thank goodness it still fits with it! (Although I do tend to spill a bit. Stop leaning forward, Gail.)

On my feet are my new black snakeskin platform Mary Jane stilettos (with the much coveted almond toe).

Similar in patent with a retro heel or with the super high stiletto.

With Howard Tayler & Vanessa A. of Whiskey Tango Fashion

I wore the outfit again Saturday for the Art Show reception at World Fantasy with a black octopus necklace and a black skinny belt. All in all this was my favorite outfit of the whole tour.

And a fan for Sophronia to go with...

Fan  19th century  The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

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