Saturday, November 29, 2014

Gail Carriger in Teal eShakti Pencil Dress in Boston for the Waistcoats & Weaponry Tour

As noted in recent posts, for my Waistcoats & Weaponry book tour, Fashionable Reader, I tried to dress in outfits that matched my cover. On my first day in Boston I wore my teal eShakti pencil dress with the cross over front skirt and scolloped neckline. I love the fit and look of this dress but it wrinkles like a mofo. I'm really going to have to avoid the poplin from eShakti from here on out, it just doesn't travel well enough to suit my needs.

I didn't take a solo shot of the outfit (sorry) so here are a few with friends (Robin & Hanna). (That second photo if from via Hanna on FB, I hope she doesn't mind.) You can see I kept the pockets in this dress. One reason for me not to have pockets is that I tend to do exactly that, shove my hands into them in photos. Sigh. I must say I don't love how the seams do that nipple thing (that is the seams, not my nipples, I swear) so I'm not so sure about this dress in general. Would you believe I ironed the hell out of it? Yeah. I may not bother to tailor this one after the surgery.

I paired it with black accessories: octopus necklace, oxford stacked heel platform booties (similar), bow belt, my obligatory pen necklace, and some jet earrings (similar).

And a fan for Sophronia...

Fan  1830s-1850s  The Philadelphia Museum of Art

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