Thursday, January 8, 2015

Gail Carriger's 5 Wardrobe Resolutions for 2015

May dear Fashionable Reader, holding myself accountable with a public post, here are my style resolutions for 2015.
  1.  Wear jewelry more. I have some great jewelry but in everyday life I rarely remember to wear it. I want to get better about that and really go through all my pieces to find the ones I'm not wearing and purge.
  2. Wardrobe purge. I'm thinking next fall I will hopefully have good reason to do a big clean out. I intend to be brutal. 
  3. Only purchase things I really need. I want to get better about impulse buys. 
  4. Return to thrift stores. I buy a lot at Ross, TJMax and Nordstrom Rack, but I forget how much fun thrifting is, and how much better on the pocket book.
  5. Find myself a daily style that I really like and stick to it. While my look for events is always retro I get a little rockabilly, rockers, goth, steampunk, retro, classic, preppy, equestrian in every day life. I'm getting confused, at my age it is tiem to settle on something. 

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  1. I've been the same, all mixed up, but I'm finally settling on bohemian after, well, several decades.

  2. I have accepted that I am in the 'yoga pants, mom of young children, stains" era of my life. :-)

  3. I have found that I have three styles. Work: dress code that limits comfort and fashion style. Everyday: comfortable clothing that doesn't shock the locals. Costumed Rainbow Circus Freak: crazy get ups that I wear when I can get away with it.


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