Saturday, January 31, 2015

8 Fashion Rules I Actually Believe from Gail Carriger

I'm not your standard size 4 fashion blogger, Fashionable Reader. And most of the time I don't really agree with the posts I see on the current rules to obey in the narrow style word dominated by New York and Paris. (Yawn.)

But I do agree with some rules, and here they are...

1. No one looks good in square toe shoes.
2. If you're a guest at a wedding: no solid black, no solid white, and no overly sexy. No excuses.
3. Neutral colored shoes with pointed or almond toes will make your legs look longer.
4. Proper fit is the most important thing to shop and pay for. 
5. Everyone should have one outfit that makes them feel chic and expensive.
6. It's worth spending good money on: cashmere, leather, and comfortable shoes.
7. On the other hand: it's worth hunting for a reasonably priced tailor and dry cleaner.
8. Never buy anything that cannot be worn immediately (right size, color, fit, and condition).

psychotic-art-tumblr Dutch website NSMBL´s collection of images that show the “before” and “after” of digital colorization

This Chart Shows Which Clothing Brands Run Too Big or Small

Retro Rack is also on facebook where I post additional images and fashion thoughts.

quotes Gail likes

“Sophronia had no idea why Felix was so intent upon her. She had not yet received lessons in seduction, or she might have understood the appeal of sharp confidence, a topping figure, and green eyes. All Sophronia’s intellect was directed at something other than attracting male companionship. These things combined to make her particularly appealing to gentlemen.
Soap could have told her that.” —Gail Carriger


  1. A perfect list! It took me a while to learn that last one, I'll admit.

  2. I very much agree about the square toed shoes!

  3. Hmm. I can't agree totally. I have really wide, small feet and for me to wear pointy shoes I'd have to wear at least 2 sizes too big, maybe more. Also, with the short. They don't make pants and jeans in my height (even in petites) so I always have to alter... :)


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