Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Gail Carriger's New Acquisitions for 2015

Here, Fashionable Reader, are some practical purchases I've recently added to my wardrobe. I'm trying to be sensible, although, frankly I didn't need a new coat.

Cashmere hat from TJ Max $30

 I will spend bank on cashmere. Wool and angora make me itch like no ones business, which means cotton is generally my best option in knits, alpaca if I can get it. But cashmere is my favorite, love the little goats, love them good. Occasionally I will happen across something that is so soft and warm I cannot resist.

Cashmere scarf $90

And there was a matched scarf! Of course I had to have the scarf. It's massive enough to almost be a throw, which makes it darn near perfect for flying. (I don't use the airline blankets. Nastiness.)  And entirely outside of budget but... cashmere. Also I have been super into dove grey recently. 

French Connection mixed media asymmetrical coat, $80.

Ok, how do I justify this coat?  Well it's wool, but fully lined so it doesn't bother me. I've been hunting for something not black for a while (although I did want red) and to find anything slimming that goes over the Rack is a blessing. I has nice deep pockets and I like how high I can zip the neck, it means if I forgot a scarf I don't get too cold. Also it makes me stand up really straight to get my chin up above the collar.
Ombre red hat $11.

Found this at Bed Bath and Beyond, of all places. Had the obligatory coupon and it was on sale. Needed to replace my favorite red hat that I got in Melbourne in 2012, it's stretched and pilled out of all usability. This one is a range of red from true red to burgundy, which is nice because it goes with quite a range of red clothing.

Black scarf from TJ Max $20

I just needed a plain black scarf. I wanted something a little more interesting, perhaps with a brocade pattern or something but this one was soft and nice and good enough for a holding.

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  1. Sadly nowadays I find even cashmere gives me problems, so I can only wear cashmere jumpers if I have a thermal vest underneath


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