Tuesday, February 10, 2015

How to Dress for Green Eyes & Sallow Skin with Gail Carriger

I have green eyes, Fashionable Reader. OK they are kind of a muddy indifferent sort of green but I've always been oddly proud, ever since I realized it was a majorly recessive gene. Also they are the only physical trait I inherited from my maternal grandfather, the brilliant quantum physicist who I always admired.

But they are a struggle. I mean, just look at the colors I'm supposed to wear to make them pop! OK OK so I added a lot of purple to my wardrobe for the Prudence tour and I suppose I should be grateful for that. I have one coral dress. And I love deep greens, but... pale yellow?

Really. Ugh.

The problem is I have sallow skin, or yellowish skin. It makes the above colors I'm supposed to wear to make my eyes pop, a struggle against my sallow skin. Sigh, it's a good think I am always more concerned with fit.

Anyway, there it is. Fashion struggles, we all have them.

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  1. I have green eyes too! I didnt realise they were recessive - now I feel quite special :D

  2. I think when it comes to colors skin tone trumps eye color every single time. I'm also very yellow toned and if I put on the wrong shade of yellow/orange/green it can make me look so sickly and sallow.

  3. Me too! Green eyes and difficult skin tone. Yellow makes me look like a zombie, so it's got that going for it. Greens are good if they are less kelly and more sage. Burgundy Red, magenta, pink and coral work pretty well for me. Yeah, it's a thing.

  4. Third time trying to get my comment to post.

    Blue eyes here. Green and yellow make me look jaundiced. I also have acne rosacea so red makes me look like I have a highly contagious rash.

    Yet salespeople keep trying to force me to wear these two colors. I'll stick to purples, dark blues, and blacks please!


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