Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Gail Carriger in a Cream Dress with Brown Accessories in Tucson

For the second day of the Tucson Festival of Books I wore a cream dress, also from eShakti, with brown accessories. 

There was a lot of walking so I swapped out heels for flats (those are cheap mushroom colored wingtips that I turned in spectators with some fabric paint) plus the same brown vintage leather bag and gloves from the day before, a new reversible belt (black & gold) from Target, vintage hat, and a lovely collar from Clockwork Couture.

It was very windy so the hat kept falling off and the hair was a disaster in about ten seconds, but it looked sort of French chic BEFORE I left the hotel room. Oh the trials and tribulations of a fashion obsessive.

The Outfit Plan

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