Thursday, March 26, 2015

TV Style: Whose Wardrobe Would I Steal? from Gail Carriger

Inspired by this blog, I've been thinking hard about whose TV wardrobe I would steal if I could, Fashionable Reader.

Agent Carter ~ Agent Carter

I haven't watched this show yet, but I already know I want her wardrobe. I tend to lean slightly more 1950s than 40s, but that doesn't mean I don't adore this period and I like a little comic book twist to the color scheme and simplicity of outfit choice. (Don't worry I WILL watch it, I just tend to wait-until-thing are release to disc or streaming, as I don't really have a TV anymore.) Also the costumer is picking colors pallets good for a brunette, hally-flipping-luya.

Pushing Daisies ~ Chuck

It is entirely possible that Chuck and I could actually exchange wardrobes and no one would notice. Ignoring fit, of course.

Bomb Girls ~ Any of them

I love the range of outfits in this show. I haven't seen all the episodes yet, but I certainly will eventually if only for the costumes.

Mad Men ~ Joan

This one's pretty exciting because there's an off chance these dresses might actually fit me, with a bit of tailoring. Joan should come as no surprise to long time readers of this blog, I have talked about her style before. I tend to adore everything, from the pencil silhouette, to the full coverage (mostly) necklines, to the length of the skirts, to the style of sleeve. I've no idea why some enterprising manufacture doesn't just knock these suckers off (in ALL SIZES with the sleeves) after every episode... I'm looking at you Torrent, or eShakti, or Modcloth, or...

La Femme Nikita

If I were a tall stunning blonde (or really any variant on less curvy and more strapping than I am) I would dress like this series all the time. It is basically up market designer goth with some architectural elements, very chic with sometimes a little edge of raver. Love it.

Bet you thought I'd say Downtown Abby. Frankly, while I adore many of the outfits, especially from the first season, I don't think they would look good on my body type. (Spoiler: I wonder if that's really why they off killed Lady Sybil? I mean, she was the curviest of the three and they were heading towards the 1920s, which doesn't do us curvy girls ANY favors.)

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  1. I've thought of you and your fashion sense every time I watch Agent Carter! I love that she's got actual curves, unlike many of the Hollywood waifs.

  2. I so get the Downton Abbey thing! I'm in the same boat... A costumer who loves those costumes, but can't wear them due to far too many curves. alas!

  3. Since two years ago I've been getting some gorgeous dresses from this French store called Noa Noa. They have designs that look almost taken from the 50s and they make them for full figured women. Here's their online shop address:

  4. While watching Agent Carter, I was quite distracted by her wardrobe. I want everything except for one golden dress you won't be able to miss. For me, it was the only thing I wouldn't actually wear.


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