Thursday, April 30, 2015

Then & Now ~ Lace Dress


1940s  The Frock

1950s  Timeless Vixen Vintage


2014 Reem

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Gail Carriger WEars Steampunk Light, Outfits in New Zealand 2015

So after five days at the convention, Fashionable Reader, I was planning on two weeks of further travel into every possible climate. Which meant I had to pack steampunk light. In other words, there isn't much for me to blog about with this event. However, I have a trip to NJ coming up. I intend to check luggage which means I get to bring ALL THE THINGS.

For this trip I was traveling with limited resources. I've learned a lot about how to tailor down and modify steampunk attire to the basics for travel from Unwoman. She's mistress of the many layered adaptable sage attire. For me, this meant lots of black, I am sad to say, and only two corsets.

Me and an Australian Sophronia

You can't really tell because it's all black but that is a vintage slip under a cross-tie blouse with a short ruffled skirt over the top and my ubiquitous Swiss waist. The necklace was a gift from a fan. I brought the patchwork boots with me because I needed at least one outrageous accessory.

Tee and the ladies by Martyn

In the above I have a checked skirt under the same ruffled black skirt with a grey corset over the black blouse and then my rain cape (which is why you can't see much).

Self and Andrew after my author interview.

Traveling light? Bring out the crazy tights! I'm wearing a cream lightweight summer dress with the Swiss waist over, paired with my patchwork boots, some Moe mitties (similar) that are not pictured, and octopus necklace, my pen necklace, and lacy patterned tights. I also put my hair up in a scarf, it was being difficult that day. I actually invested in a few more head scarves on this trip, they just make life easier.

A very Ivy-like hat!

During the course of the trip my favorite carry on luggage died, not to mention my only good steampunk flats, and a new pair of not very good stompy books. There was carnage! So the hunt for the perfect carry on rolly continues, not to mention good stompy boots and steampunk flats. Wish me luck.

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Interviewing Myself About Fashion from Gail Carriger

I have a fashion weakness for:
leather and cashmere.

My three most treasured fashion items are: 
my day bag, my investment coat, my corsets.

andwomenworebloomers-tumblr Description- A decollete restaurant gown profusely ornamented with sequins, with short puffed sleeves, Swiss belt, floral corsage & bell shaped trained skirt.     N.B hat.     Date- 1904

I will never throw out my: 
floor length leather jacket, first custom corset, romantically gifted jewelry.

My style icons growing up were: 
Madonna and Prince.

My last big splurge was: 
a cashmere blanket cardigan, draped robe style, warm and luxurious and on sale but really not necessary for a California girl. Since then, however, I have lived in it on every flight.

My favorite app is: 
Stylebook. It has no cloud back up though, so when my phone died I was in crisis. I ended up buying an iPad specifically so I could better use this app, I am that addicted. Sigh. Playing with Stylebook is my happy place.

On my to watch fashion TV list is: 
the last season of Project Runway.

Would someone please invent: 
a made-to-order custom luggage site where I can send off my favorite bag and have them make me a new more durable version in the colors of my choosing.

My beloved shoes

My beauty must haves include:
liquid pen liner, color stay lipstick, shellac manicures, vanilla perfume, coconut body butter, tinted under eye cream, mascara, facial cloths, electric toothbrush, glide comfort floss, Vaseline lip care

One of my favorite childhood fashion memories is: 
the smell of this one aunt of mine: she wore the most expensive perfume with vanilla overtones, I've been convinced ever since of two things: one should always make an effort to smell amazing and I, personally, want to smell like desert at all times.

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Friday, April 17, 2015

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Then & Now ~ Poofy Wedding Dress


1890s late Wedding Dress  late  The Indianapolis Museum of Art


And the winner!

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Friday, April 10, 2015

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Then & Now ~ Black & Gold


Court Dress  1845  The Los Angeles County Museum of Art


Red Carpet
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