Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Book Cover Inspiration ~ Pink from Germany's Heartless

Greetings Fashionable Reader, today I'm taking a historical retrospective look at the color pink as inspired by the German cover for Heartless. Here's the cover...

It took me a while but I did eventually make my peace with the German covers, although I still don't know about the titles. Anyway, I myself have a mixed relationship with pink. There was a brief love affair when I was THAT age. You know that age? I could never get over being a girly-girl so I was bound to have a pink epoch.

In 1983 and in 2011, the evolution of Gail's pink

That 1983 dress had a name: Pinky, and I loved it so so much.

But soon enough I abandoned pink on my journey to self-hood and it became a subject of mockery rather than pleasure.


I started my love affair with red in high school and never looked back. I associated pink, for a very long time, with everything bad about the 80s. It would take me almost a decade to decide to wear it again. And it took the cover of Soulless for me to really start liking it.

The thing is (and there's always a Thing) a brunette with sallow skin and freckles (ah la moi) looks great in pinks. I want to be a jewel tone person, but with very few exceptions I'm a spring not a winter. Le sigh. So part of my peace with pink is how good I look in it. (I want to state for the record that I doubt this will ever happen with yellow.)

British Paintings tumblr: Nothing to Wear - Talbot Hughes

So, without further ado here's some pink images for fun and games...

Something for Lord Akeldama...

1775-1780 Men’s silk court suit-in Pink, France

Something for Monique...

1862  The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Something for Evelyn...

1872-1874 Day Dress The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Something for Primrose...

1890 Jacket  1890s  Musée Galliera de la Mode de la Ville de Paris

1890 Fan  Tiffany & Co., 1890s  The Metropolitan Museum of Ar
1890-1895  The Victoria & Albert Museum

1910 Stockings  1910s  The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Something for Percy (under sufferance)...

1890s Ascot  The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Something for Baroness Tunstell...

1897 Ball Gown  Jacques Doucet  The Metropolitan Museum of Art
1900  The Metropolitan Museum of Art

After my books...

 1920 Necklace  Cartier  Doyle Auctions; 1924  Musée Galleria de la Mode de la Ville de Paris

 1939 Elsa Schiaparelli, Summer; 1938 Cocktail Hat  The Metropolitan Museum of Art

1940 Ensemble  Elsa Schiaparelli  The Metropolitan Museum of Art

1956 Shoes  Roger Vivier for Dior, 1956-1958  The Metropolitan Museum of Art

From ST:TNG...

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  1. That cover is ever so confusing. Heartless = Alexia great with child.
    I adore that the hardcover of Prudence is pink. I ALWAYS take dustcovers off and was thrilled to have such a girly book to tote about. It also makde me chuckle when my husband read it. Pink just makes me smile.

    1. Someone joked that it should be pink with black spots, which I want SO BAD!

  2. That would have been amazing!

  3. Those shoes of yours in that first pic... *sigh*...

  4. It was the ending to "Pretty in Pink" that broke your heart for the colour, wasn't it? Yeah, me too. I mean, really? Blaine over Duckie? Come ahhhnnnnnn.


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