Thursday, May 28, 2015

Gail Carriger's New Acquisitions ~ Blue & Cream

Been seeing and loving blue lately. I think this has to do with the weather. As the world heats up, I crave cool blue colors.

Miz Mooz

These Miz Mooz blue sandals were gifted to me by someone who has smaller feet and purchased these thinking they would fit her. They didn't, they fit me. So she gave them to me. Yes!

I rediscovered these stretch cream gloves when I was sorting through my costume closet. I liberated them from the Rococo outfit I rarely have reason to wear anymore and popped them in with my other event gloves. Nice to have a lightweight fancy pair for hot days.

Cream Crochet Gloves $20

Although I just spotted these ones which are awfully pretty and come in blue, black, and yellow. Warning on the net gloves: they tend to run smaller, I don't think of myself as having tiny hands (not like some of my friends) but they certainly aren't big. In modern times I wear small-medium gloves.

Blue and cream scarf with hedgehogs on it ~ gift

This was a birthday present from my bestest, she knows me well.

These two scarves were part of the New Zealand head scarf haul. I think I have most of the accessory bases covered now so you should expect to see me with a scarf over my curls more frequently now. It's so much easier than all that fuss.

Found this baby on Amazon and just loved it. It's small enough to travel well but still be a talking piece. Comes in a whole bunch of other colors, too, for $15. 

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