Thursday, May 7, 2015

TV and the Rack ~ 5 Fashion Tips via Joan from Madmen from Gail Carriger

Here are some tricks, Fashionable Reader, that the costumer for Madmen is teaching us about how to dress for the Rack...

1. 3/4 Length Sleeves

 I've made no secret of my love for this sleeve length. It's not always practical because of warmth, and it can make it hard to layer, but with a larger bust it is very flattering. The extra fabric in the sleeve draws attention away from all that extra fabric needed in the torso. Also, the slenderest part of most figures is the lower arm ~ show it off, I always say.

2. Leave the neck long and bare. 

I don't often do events without a necklace, but looking at all the images in this post, I'm thinking I should opt for fancy earrings more often in the future.

3. If you must wear jewelry for day, go for a very simple long necklace and a matched brooch.

For some reason, despite the fact that I have them, I rarely remember to wear a broach although I do usually have my pen necklace on.

4. Embellish that neckline

Embellished necklines draw attention upwards to the face and away from the rack. Many of my dresses have embellished necklines for this exact reason. 

5. Choose your neckline wisely

In the interest of foundation garments, you'll note that most of these dresses have a full coverage Rack, and then lean in favor of a particular set of necklines.

A. The V Neckline

B. The Scoop Neckline

C. The Square & Rounded Square

D. The Boat

 E. Notched

So there you have it, Fashionable Reader, a few things to look out for when next shopping for the Rack.

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  1. Part of it too is considering the neck as well. I'm not gifted with Joan's swanlike neck, so for the toad-like Umbridges among us, nice deep V-necks lengthen what is short. I try to stay away from round necklines unless they're augmented in some way like so: (I love that top, and have 3 different colors!)


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