Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Gail Carriger's Outfits at the Steampunk World's Fair

My dear Fashionable Reader, here is what I wore to the Steampunk World's Fair...

Day One: Friday 

I'm wearing my white custom sweetheart foundation corset from Dark Garden under a lace top I picked up from Ross and a maxi skirt I got at TJ Max. The necklace is a Victorian style faux gold filigree and pearl gifted to me by a friend. Over the years I have added matching earrings, bracelet, rings, and a broach. I've a vintage lace applique hat in the hair (similar idea $14), and Foot Roll Upz gold flats on the feet (similar $12, although I really prefer the Roll Upz because they don't rub the Achilles, the brand is now really hard to find). Other accessories include the obligatory pen necklace, some pearl seeded gloves (vintage, similar $15), my leather fan from Brute Force Studios and my home made pocket belt (DIY instructions). Yes that fan is the same one as appears on the cover of Waistcoats & Weaponry.

I chose to wear this outfit partly because at a steampunk event a solid light color really stands out from the crowd and I wanted to find and meet people.

Day Two: Saturday

On the second day I brought out the big guns, AKA the Spoon Corset. I have a blog post with a break down of the corset, how it was decorated, and the rest of the normal spoons outfit.

This is not the normal outfit. Instead, I have the spoons on over a Max Studio dress with a 1930s feel to the top, layered with a vintage slip. I'm wearing another pocket belt and patchwork boots picked up in a thrift store in the early 90s. (If you like these boots check out the shoes by Poetic Licence and Irregular Choice.) The choker and earrings are gifts from fans, the parasol broach is from Rubyblackbird, and that's the obligatory pen necklace and a new necklace watch $13.

The spoons is a modified Dark Garden ready-to-wear sweetheart. As you may notice, it doesn't fit me quite right. Because of my Rack I am not really ideal for any off-the-rack corset, cup size is too small and waist not small enough. (Compare this to the fit of the white one above, which is custom.)

I milled the hat using a tiny straw blank (intended for dolls) from Michael's (similar $14), a hot glue gun, a feather rose, and some lace and stuff I had lying around. The pouch is from Oberon Design at the Ren Faire, way back.

Day Three: Sunday

On Sunday I started by wearing my teal outfit, the one that is from the cover of my second book. 

But it was way too hot to keep it on for long. It morphed pretty quickly into the under version.

By Craig Gagne with Drew Acerbic Lydecker via FB

Most of the accessories were same as on previous days. However, the hat I milled myself from a black blank, necklace is from a vendor I love that has an Etsy shop but also an IMPOSSIBLE TO REMEMBER name, Hibernica or something like. I just spent 20 minutes trying to find the darn link and have officially given up. (They need to rebrand.) Anyway... where was I? Oh yes, I have this chandelier necklace with matched earrings (I also wore it on my book tour for Prudence) and I just purchased bigger earrings at this event. The net gloves are $20 from Amazon and for all the ones of theirs that I've tried, I think these have the best fit. The corset is a Dark Garden custom under bust full back vest style.

via Karen Gooze Ulric FB

By midday it was just too hot for anything, so I popped on this outfit. Accessories all as seen in others with a short skirt, patterned tights, and a corselette from Dark Garden. I know I don't normally show that much leg but I don't normally go out into humidity either!

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