Thursday, June 11, 2015

Occasional FAQ with Gail Carriger ~ How do I do my hair? Finger waves!

Finger waves!

Some have been kind enough over the years to inquire how I do my hair for events, specifically the finger waves. Here is a reboot of an older post from my author blog showing the process. 
Truthfully, I have a young lady who kindly does it for me, but here is a look at the process. The important thing about finger waves is to get the correct clips and setting lotion.

Below you can see that the top part is finger waved while the bottom is pin curled. It's impossible for me to sleep in the wave clips, but I can sleep on the curl clips.

And the final look, slightly brushed out.

Above is from the Changeless book tour back in 2010. As you may have noticed, since then I cut my hair much shorter but the principle is the same.

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  1. About how long does it last? Since you mentioned a setting lotion is it like getting a perm where it can last for months? Or is it like when I use curlers to set my hair, gone with your next wash?

    1. Only three or four days, if I am careful and sleep with a scarf on. It gets looser and looser as the days go on. It's more like your curlers.


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