Thursday, July 23, 2015

Gail Carriegr Talks Post Breast Reduction Surgery Part I

It will be a while before I post photos of my newly reformed Rack, Fashionable Reader, (one wonders, given the diminished size if I can justify capitalization of Rack anymore?) It will happen, but not until WorldCon. Which is also, coincidentally, the first time I'm allowed to really be at all physical and lift luggage and such. This surgery has a pretty long recovery period.

Jayne Mansfield via the nifty fifties tumblr

My new chest size is 28-30 DD-E so I still have something. Nothing on what I was, of course (28-30 HH-JJ). It can be up to two years before I actually settle into a final size. However, as my ribs are likely to remain 29 inches (an in-between band size), I'll always fluctuate a bit between bra sizes depending on the brand.

via Glamoursplash- Vintage Maidenform Bra Advertisement - 1961 - Chariots of Fire

For those of you who lament the lack of Rack, because I address fit issues that you particularly relate to, here are some options:
  • Beyond Her Reality is a bit more bodycon than yours truly, but is the only blogger I know who has a body shaped almost exactly as mine was.
  • Girl With Curves is more curvy than I am (or was) but is also a great option.
  • Fuller Figure Fuller Bust, good analysis and plenty of photos of underpinnings and bathing suits. 
All have a more modern aesthetic than me.

Regardless, I carried the weight of those extra 4 lbs for a very long time. I won't forget it, or what it was like to have to dress it. And it's not like I'm flat-chested now. Don't worry, I won't abandon you to the slings and arrows of ridiculous body standards of the modern fashion industry.

I'll be reporting in over the next few weeks about which of my dresses still fit me, which will need to be tailored, and which won't be able to be tailored. I'm worried about all my custom eShakti, but it's a small sacrifice to loose 1/3 of my wardrobe for the relief I now feel with smaller breasts.

Onwards and (more importantly) upwards!

Infographic from Herroom
Retro Rack is also on Facebook, where I post additional images and fashion thoughts.

You can also visit the following shopping lists: Travel Dork, My Steampunk, My Wardrobe.

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  1. I have a friend who completed her same surgery two weeks ago and is still on the road to recovery; I know that it's a long slog. But congratulations on being on the right side of the procedure, and we all look forward to seeing you looking fabulous!

  2. Best wishes to you, my dear. Here's to a painless back and shoulders and generally good health.

  3. (one wonders, given the diminished size if I can justify capitalization of Rack anymore?)

    i think so. i don't know of any size limitations on the term. although one would assume that it applies to larger C cups and above.

  4. (one wonders, given the diminished size if I can justify capitalization of Rack anymore?)

    Given the issues I have sourcing 30E sized bras from pretty much anywhere except a specialty bra store (in Australia), I think a DD/E would still fall under the "busty" category.

    Good luck with the rest of your recovery; I hope your favourite pieces of clothing still fit or can be tailored and you have fun with your new shopping options!

  5. All the best for your recovery! And think of all the new pretties you'll be able to find in your size now, if you cannot alter all your favorites...

  6. Speaking as a DD - it's still quite impressively busty! I have seen you in person and would never have guessed you for a JJ! You have such a petite frame and you carried it well. Your lovely corsets must take some of the credit for that. I can totally understand wanting to reduce as I think that DD is a bit much most of the time to be honest but it should be fabulous for you once you adjust.


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