Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Gail Carriger's New Acquisitions ~ Bags, Scarves, and More (Off to WorldCon)

Here, Fashionable Reader, are some new acquisitions added to my collection over the last few months...

Charming Charlie Everyday Bag-in-bag $30

This little bucket bag isn't perfect: it doesn't have a good top closure but it's exactly the right size, and stays firmly upright. It also is the two tones brown AND tan I've been looking for. Plus it has a vintage-enough look for me. I already own a little vintage brown crocodile bag that is very cute and garners lots of compliments but it is not practical. It has some wonderful qualities that I love, like a tan vinyl interior (cleanable and easy to see) but it has a fateful flaw... it's slightly too small for conventions and so darn tipsy.

It's in great condition so it may end up going off in a goodie bag via a Newsletter contest or something. Since, frankly, a bag fits everyone! Because my new bag is both brown and tan I also decided to get rid of an old tan one as this new baby can do most of that ones work. A two for one replacement! Closet goal met.

Found this cute red cardy at T.J. Maxx on super clearance and couldn't resist the fact that it now fits me without a button gap. It's a solid fire-engine color, perfectly matching an old H&M knit top I have and turning that, effectively, into a sweater set. Matched reds, amazing. It's a lighter weight than my 1940's wool one, and the wool is more cherry color.

Speaking of outer wear, I dyed this sage green jacket brown recently.

The sheath dress part of the suit was irreparably ripped last time I wore it. The jacket now fits beautifully, after the reduction. I had no use for a sage colored one, much as I love the color, but I do need a brown one so... I dyed it. Taking this one to WorldCon, too. Yes it needs a good iron (I'll do it in the hotel after I land), but it should be nice looking after that. Although, it's going to be hot, so I might not get a chance to wear it.

I got this $11 silver leather hair clip/pin because it was too lovely for words, I was druggy and not resistant to Amazon's wily ways.

See above on this $15 fascinator. Cute, I love the color, I needed a brown hat thing that wasn't so close to my hair color (it also comes in pink, lavender, and navy). This is coming with me to WorldCon too.

So these $7 100% silk scarves are a new thing for me but I am addicted. I needed them for the surgery (complicated explanation) but they also work for hair covering (when I am too lazy to do it proper) and for that quintessential stewardess meets sexy librarian neck scarf vintage look.

I got this $60 steampunk skirt because it was just too fab. I wanted it to go with my black and grey corset, but now that corset will need adjusting. I didn't have a long skirt to go with that corset and I was planning on making one, or I have been, for about 10 years now. I finally decided that was too long to wait and I should just buy something. I may add some trim and modify this one a bit but it works just as it is. Very sexy yet elegant and a single piece easily packed for conventions.

Hoping to see some of you at WorldCon. Fashion shots to come when I get back, or you can follow me on Instagram, and you will finally get to see the new Rack.

Retro Rack is also on facebook where I post additional images and fashion thoughts.

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  1. I am currently on the road to WorldCon with all (ok, half) of my Victorian wardrobe in tow (minus hats. Sadface.) See you there!

  2. SO glad you are on Instagram. Like it the best of all the social medias. THANKS! Have fun at WorldCon


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