Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Gail Carriger Talks Post Breast Reduction Surgery Part IV ~ Tailoring

So, Fashionable Reader, here are the dresses that I am going to have to have tailored now that I have a smaller rack.

1960s Teal Velvet

I don't have a whole lot of evening dresses so it's worth it for me to take this baby in. I could probably do it myself. It's vintage, lined, and very well made, though, so I'll take it to a professional. It's all over big now, since it never fit me but in the bust anyway.

eShakti's I Really Need To Fit Again

OK, so need is a relative term. The above two dresses, though, are just wonderful because they are COOL! Not in look (although that too) but in temperature. The laser cut color block may be my most favorite eShakti dress. I love the way it looks, it can be both modern and retro, it packs well and it is very lightweight. The dot is just adorably rockabilly.

This lavender one is prioritized because of that evening attire thing. Since I wear a day dress and then an evening dress at conventions, I am always in need of evening wear. I know, I know, there's that word need again.

eShakti's I Really Want To Fit Again

So these are all day dresses (although the dark navy laser cut could be both). They aren't as vital to my wardrobe. The purple fills a color corner (it's the only purple dress I own). The navy is super cute but not vital. I have a black day dress that fills the same niche, but I'd be sad to see it go. Lastly, there are oddly frequent Hawaiian print themed events in fandom, so I'd likely get some use from the Hawaiian although this puppy might fit me again now:

eShakti's I Like But Don't Need

The cream is of that fabric that just doesn't travel well. I already have a cream dress which works fine instead of this one (although it is modern, pencil cut, lace, and has no sleeves). Still, the cream lace fits beautifully on the smaller rack and zips up the back. In fact, the mere act of typing this may have convinced me to put the cream day dress in the discard pile.

The blue pattern was a whimsy purchase and I kept it because of the durability of the fabric and the fact that the fit was so spectacular. But it doesn't fill a niche in my wardrobe, so it might not be worth it (or even possible, given the cut) to get it tailored.

I do have a tailor I love, who has done some zipper replacements for me, but I don't know if they will be able to handle these dresses. To remake the chest area requires a certain level of skill and measuring I'm not certain they are up for. Plus cost could be prohibitive. I'm not paying more than the dress is worth to have it taken in. I'm not a loss leader type, yes I put money into buying these originally, that doesn't mean I need to thrown money after them if I won't get full use out of them int he future.

Right now my plan is to wait another six months or so, then take in something like the dotty that I love and think would be a good test of their skill but not be devastated if they messed up, and go from there.

I promise I will let you know how it goes.

~ Miss Gail

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