Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Gail Carriger in Vintage 1950s Brown Gingham Pincil Dreass and Retro Royal Blue, New Rack REVEALED

So, here we go, what you have all been waiting for, the great reveal...

The new figure!

I know I know, kinda anti-climactic. It doesn't look that different, but trust me, it is and it certainly feels different. All light and airy and stuff.

The last time I wore this was 2013 in Epinal, France so here's a bit of a comparison. Not the same pose but...

So... WorldCon, Spokane

Amazon has the Darice Protect and Store Organizer, 12inch square for $9

Discovered this great new way to pack hats. It's a craft box from Beverly's cost me $7 (JoAnns has it for $5). Worked great and is very light so adds next to nothing to the suitcase. Lid is wider than base to I'd pack it flipped. Of course, I bought it for the two big hats and then never ended up wearing them. I thought I'd be walking between hotels in the sun, but I ended up using the shuttle and there was no sun... smoke being the reason behind both. But I'm still pretty pleased with the notion and I'll be using it again when I next check luggage (which isn't often, frankly).

Here is another way to pack a bigger even more challenging hat from LifeHacker. The Best Way to Pack a Fancy Hat In a Suitcase So It Doesn't Get Crushed.

Thursday Daytime

Brown gingham pencil dress, vintage 1950s in a medium weight cotton. 

As you can see, I subbed out the peeps for close-toed shoes. Turned out to be a not great decision as the inside leather on these brown pump double-strap MJs is disintegrating so they need liners. But I did get lots of compliments on them. Also I switched hats.

That hat is a tan buckram fascinator ($15 comes in three other colors) and the shoe clips are fluffy chiffon flowers ($13 comes in so man colors!). They can be clipped other places as well, like the neckline or whatever, but these just live on my pumps as the pumps were always a bit plane for my taste. I finished the look with my new bag(Charming Charlie Everyday Bag-in-bag $30), necklace watch (similar $6), steampunk earrings and brown leather gloves (both gifts).

Thursday Evening

Blue silk dress, stacked pearl necklace, pearl drop earrings, and gold accessories.

I adore this necklace, even though it laps the collar of the dress. That's not uncommon in similar vintage looks.
Queen Margherita of Italy via antique-royals

The flower is from Amazon ($8 and looks it), necklace I picked up at a vintage fair, gloves are modern (similar), as are the gold sandals (no longer available). Of course I am also wearing my obligatory pen necklace ($20).

Much more to come!

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  1. You look amazing; congratulations!

  2. You look beautiful. Both the brown and blue are so flattering. Susan Pola Staples (Lady Cecily Neville on Twitter).

  3. I can tell the difference! You look beautiful (and look like you feel beautiful too)!


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