Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Victorian's Loved Stripes ~ Gail Carriger's Characters Model the Trend

I do love stripes, Fashionable Reader. I've no idea why, they mostly look pretty awful with my figure. I vastly prefer a vertical stripe, I think they are elongating, who knows if that's really true.

Anyway, here are my characters modeling strips for your delectation...

The Finishing School Books

For Sophronia:

1850 hewhoworshipscarlin tumblr

For Agatha:

1857 Peterson's Magazine Wednesday, April 1, 1857 Item ID-  v. 39, plate 2

 For Dimity:

 1865 Robe à Transformation Musée Galliera de la Mode de la Ville de Paris

For Monique:

1865 zeehasablog-tumblr Fashion plate from Les Modes Parisiennes, for Peterson’s Magazine, 1865

The Parasol Protectorate Books:

For Evilyn:

1870 Croquet Ensemble British Manchester Galleries

For Ivy:

1870 fripperiesandfobs-tumblr Day dress and cape, early 1870’s     
From the collection of Alexandre Vassiliev

For Countess Nadasdy:

fripperiesandfobs- Wedding dress, 1876-78     
From the Galleria del Costume di Palazzo Pitti via Europeana Fashion

For Alexia:

1884 Charles Fredrick Worth, 1884  The Chicago Museum of History

The Custard Protocol Books:

For Countess Nadasdy:

1890  Afternoon Dress  Jean-Philippe Worth, 1890s  The Metropolitan Museum of Art

For Rue:

1893-1894 Visit The Metropolitan Museum of Art

For Prim:

1897 Day dress, 1897 via shewhoworshipscarlin tumblr

For Lord Akeldama:

1928 Blazer  1928  The Museum at FIT

After the books!

For Gail:

1950 fawnvelveteen tumblr

 "Lucky Dog" by Gil Elvgren, 1958

via Glamorous❤Vintage❤Soul

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  1. Wow, all those gorgeous dresses. Good thing we dress in less these days, imagine the cost of all those layers with today's manufacture prices.

  2. When I saw, Gentle Reader, the dress on the Metropolitan Museum website, I too thought of the Countess. There was one other, but alas it wasn't striped. I can send it to you on Twitter if you would like to see it as well.

  3. Hm...And what would Lord A wear with that jacket, I wonder?

  4. A belated comment, but I also adore stripes. Mostly of the horizontal variety though, particularly in blue and white (I do love a nautical theme) - but I could possibly be persauded to vertical by those 1950s dresses.


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