Thursday, January 7, 2016

Gail Carriger's New Acquisitions ~ Eshakti Meets The Updated Rack

Hello Fashionable Reader and Happy 2016!

So this year I finally get to take the plunge (or not, as the case may be) and buy proper underwire bras for the new Rack. I plan to hit up Nordstrom Rack in a few weeks (it's a bit of a time commitment and I'm on an edit pass deadline right now). I always try on bras in a store and then hunt about online in the brands/sizes I liked looking for colors I want. Yes, I also support the store. Whatcha take me for, an non-shopper? I'll let you know how it goes, and what size I now am. I still don't know exactly.

Meanwhile, I decided to invest in a few new things from eShakti. They had some big sales on after the holidays and I've coupons and credit racked up. (How many ways can Gail use the word rack in one blog post?) I've been waiting for Eshakti to offer a gold dress that I could modify to my taste and finally they posted one I really liked...

Isn't that fabric gorgeous?

I ordered it with short sleeves and a v-neck and a longer, knee length skirt customized to my new measurements. Well, it has arrived, and for the first time the fit wasn't on. I think they slurred my numbers a little big (or I did). They've instituted a new free returns for a resize policy, which I love, but as the issue with this dress is mainly the waist, I'm going to see if I can take it in myself first. Otherwise, it's pretty much exactly what I wanted. Finally, I've officially completed my party dress collection.

(Source- 24hoursinthelifeofawoman)

1950s Timeless Vixen Vintage

Expect to see me in it at the next major event that requires evening attire. (WorldCon most likely.)

I'll be getting rid of this one:

It's just a bit too 1970s for me and not that flattering, even on my new figure. It did travel well though. Bye bye baby.

I also ordered this crinoline skirt from eShakti.

I ordered it in a size 6 with no customization. It was already the length I wanted. Apart from length (or embroidery removal, I learned that lesson with Eshakti the hard way) I don't really need to customize skirts being a pretty basic size 6 down below. I like it. It's much fuller than my navy one and much more versatile because it's black. Also it has pockets. Hooray for pockets! So the navy is also going away (it also had pockets). Frankly, I feel like I have given navy (as a color) the old college try and it just isn't for me.

So there you have it, one in one out, sticking to my policy like a good girl and remaining accountable to you ladies.

For those who follow me on Twitter, I also did buy these:

They are Lord of the Rings Middle Earth Map leggings. I know, right? I Tweeted about them when I first spotted them, but they are now sold out. I think they are available elsewhere, just do a google hunt if you're as mad for them as I was.

I like them, but, typical for anything sized out of Asia they are too short on me. (I'm not a tall girl but I carry what height I do have mainly in my legs.) No hardship, I'll wear them with boots as an alternate to tights. I don't wear leggings as trousers EVER. You know why? Because THEY AREN'T. (Frankly I rarely wear leggings, I'm a tights or stockings girl by preference. But these are so fun.)

In other news, I am racking up (eh eh racking) quite the collection of Eshakti dresses and a few vintage pieces to get rid of. My local consignment won't take vintage so I am at a bit of a loss. I might give them away to you ladies, if there is interest.

What else? Oh, yes, the Mum has offered to see if we can bring in the bust on a few of them. The Mum is a most excellent seamstress she made most of her own clothing in the 60s and 70s. I shall also let you know how that goes.

Pip pip for now,
Happy 2016!

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  1. Oh I'm so glad you share my view on leggings. It is one of my biggest peeves to see people wearing them as trousers!

    1. I feel overly strongly on this matter. Almost as much as I do about PJs (don't you DARE wear them in public), crocks (sin against nature and the world), uggs (personal affront(, and rather too many other things I could name. I will judge your character, social position, and general worthiness as a human based on these things because I am a horrible, shallow, sad, opinionated old cuss of an archaeologists who believes profoundly that OBJECTS MATTER. Those who fall into laziness under the auspices of comfort ignore social messaging at their peril. They are not, as they so often believe, making some PC statement about opting out of the consumer fashion driven rat race, they are slobs. Oooo, it makes me so grumpy.

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  3. (I read your posts often but never comment as it's often on my phone where I'm logged into my work google account! I love your blog - it's wonderful and practical. I'm a 30FF and wear mostly 1950s or thrift store stuff I've altered so it appeals to me 5 billion times more than a random fashion magazine.)

    Those leggings are fantastic! I see so many women (particularly teenagers) wearing leggings in such thin jersey you can see their knickers. Whyyyyyyyy!

    Ooh La La is a Facebook group specialising in selling midcentury vintage and may be of help. I've sold a few things on there.

  4. The fabric on the metallic is gorgeous. Reminds me a little of the beaded metallic dress in the Met. You really racked up the goodies with this one.

  5. The only time I've worn leggings as pants was with tunic-type shirts and it was for medical reasons where I needed something super comfortable that wasn't a skirt -- and it seemed a better option than sweatpants or pajamas in terms of still looking somewhat decent.

    Where did you find a navy tulle skirt with pockets? As someone who doesn't look great in black (it does something odd to my skin tone), navy is my preferred dark neutral and I'm always on the lookout for good navy options.


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