Thursday, January 28, 2016

Rue & Primrose in the Future ~ Custard Protocol Extra by Gail Carriger

I came across this image, Fashionable Reader, and it struck me that the way the three ladies are walking and the expressions on their faces are wonderfully replete with personality.

Old Pics Archive @oldpicsarchive  1908

Primrose, and then Rue, and who is the third? It's 1908, 13 years after the events in Prudence, so that could be Spoo? All grown up and Prim got hold of her wardrobe? Or this could be a new character (I've several coming up to be added to the crew).

And those hats. I do love those hats. And they are all carrying parasols!

Prudence is out in paperback next Tuesday!

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  2. Well, these women were quite daring: No corsets, no petticoats!


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