Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Thinking of Prudence: India Influenced Fashion: 1910~1960 Blue from Gail Carriger

Prudence is due out in paperback Feb 2, Fashionable Reader. Since in that book the crew travels to India, I thought I'd give you a bit of a vintage look at fashion influenced by Indian fabrics and styles. In this installment we will look at blue from 1910 to 1960.

1910-1915 Tea Gown   The Metropolitan Museum of Art

I don't consider the 1910's one of my style arenas, but I do love the color profile.

Mainbocher, 1948  The Metropolitan Museum of Art

This is way more my thing. I also love how this is a 1940's dress, but it is awfully reminiscent of a tea gown for Rue's time period. Rue wears this one in Chapter Ten of Prudence (or one very like it).

Tea Gown  Jean-Philippe Worth, 1905  The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Evening Dress  1950s  1stdibs.com

I love this, although I'm not sure about the red hem.

1950s  Timeless Vixen Vintage blue

Not sure about this one. I think it's puffy and then comes in at the bottom. A little odd.

Ensemble  Norman Norell, 1967  The Indianapolis Museum of Art

And this is very interesting. It reminds me of the 1990s (except for the color). Not something I would wear. I'm too old to show my midriff away from pool-side.

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  1. That Mainbocher is wonderful. I think you might appreciate this book: The Lost Art of Dress (http://www.professorpski.com/) :-)


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