Thursday, February 18, 2016

Gail Carriger's New Bras ~ Felina & Ekouaer

One of the oddest things I've noticed since the Rack Reduction, Fashionable Reader, is the fact that the neck lines on all my shirts seem so much higher. Occasionally they feel like they are chocking me. I know, it's because there is less weighing them down, but still, odd sensation.

Anyway... new bras!

So after turning in my brutal edit pass I took myself off to Nordstrom Rack to try on new bras. Turns out these days I seem to be fitting a 32DDD (or 32F). In some I'm likely more a 30 band, but that's so hard to find I don't bother to even look. I just wear on the tightest hook. (For those of you who don't know, a band should fit comfortably on the hook furthest to the edge when you buy, the closer hooks are designed to accommodate the bra stretching as it is worn. But, I digress...). I was looking specifically for a nude t-shirt bra and I found a really nice and remarkably comfortable one from Felina.

Felina Paramour

Felina Paramour in 32DDD $18-40

This bra did not come in my size before my reduction, so I cannot make comparisons.

After determining a size, I jumped online and ordered a few free return bras from other companies in the same (or similar) size to see how they might compare. Here is what I got:

Felina Demi Bra

Felina Women's Harlow Unlined Demi Bra in 32DDD $36

I think I have owned a version of this bra in black or cream at one point or another over the years for over a decade. I have matched other smalls and this lace is the only lace I've even been able to tolerate, it's nice and soft.

This one turned out to be too big in the cups and I sit much further down into it than I did before my surgery. I exchanged it for a 32DD and that fits fine. Interesting that the same brand, Felina, fit entirely differently in the two bras.

Ekouaer Strapless Convertible T-shirt Bra

Ekouaer Women's Convertible Underwire Strapless Molded T-shirt Bra $19

This is an entirely new brand to me. I was attracted by the versatility and the price. The Felina I already bought is convertible, but can't go strapless. If I'd been really thinking about it I would have gotten it in black. For a strapless bra the fit is pretty darn good. Do I have the confidence to wear it without straps? We shall see.

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