Saturday, March 12, 2016

Bows bows bows! with Gail Carriger

I love bows, bows are the best. Hooray for bows.

(Can you tell I'm into embracing my girlie side these days?)


Here is a retrospective on the lowly bow!

Corsage pin, mid 1700s, Portugal or Spain.

Earrings and Necklace  1740

1850s Armlets  The Metropolitan Museum of Art
A note: those look to me like they could be for mourning. Except the cameo is different: male on one, female on the other. Pretty unique.

Presented to Princess Alexandra of Denmark, by Queen Victoria, 9 March 1863

1880s  Mode Museum

1900 Brooch  Fabergé, 1900s

Pumps  1900  The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Necklace  1905  Bonham’s

Here's a suite for you...
1910 Earrings  1910  Christie’s

Collier de Chien  1910  Sotheby’s

Brooch  Cartier, 1910s  Christie’s

I'm more of a pearl than diamonds girl myself. I've always felt diamonds rather cold, although I suppose they go with everything. Pearls just seem to have more personality.

1910  Christie’s

And now for something I have an outside chance of actually wearing, or at least imitating.

Clip  1940  Doyle Auctions

Dress, 1949, France shewhoworships carlin tumblr

Victoria Von Hagen wearing a triple bow sweater, 1950s via theniftyfifties tumblr

1960s Tie  Antique Dress

Not exactly a bow but I do love the whimsy of this piece.

Bottega Veneta bow-embelllished leather pumps


Valentino bow silk-satin clutch

 Elin Riismark

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  1. Just found this and thought of you:

  2. I do love bows, especially pussycat bows!
    The 60s pearl tie is pretty swell too! A friend gifted me something similar. I feel very glam business when I wear it.


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