Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Purses, Shoes, and Hats ~ Putting Together an Outfit with Gail Carriger

I'm a creature of vintage habit which means I like things to MATCH, Fashionable Reader.

It's really hard for me to, for example, leave the house with a black bag and brown shoes. Yes, I understand that's it's fine to do so in the modern world, just not for me.

Although it's not totally unheard of in the modern age.

2013 Boot/Glove Fashion- Meghan Collison in Gianvito Rossi for Altuzarra

In the old days other things were matched, like dresses and reticules, or mantles and muffs. 

1822  The Kyoto Costume Institute
1895 Accessory Set  Gustave Beer  The Metropolitan Museum of Art

"Also, the appearance of the female part of the company is always more elegant, when wearing bandeaus, caps, or other light head-dresses; young persons requiring their hair only, or the slight decoration of a flower or a ribbon."
~ The Ladies' Guide to True Politeness and Perfect Manners or, Miss Leslie's Behaviour Book
by Eliza Leslie (1864)

Matched Purse Shoes hat

Although, they didn't always have to match, they did have to coordinate.

Catalog Sunday via NewVintageLady More Montgomery Wards fashions from 1940

Right, here's my retrospective on matched purses, shoes, hats and occasionally gloves! I've mixed in pictures of my own collection.

1930 Green Hat Gloves

1940 colour matched

1944 bvw_accessories1944

1946 Skirt Top Outfit; 1947 Ensemble  Gilbert Adrian,  Augusta Auctions

Shoes and Purse  1950s  1stdibs.com

Hat and Gloves  Leslie James, 1950s  1stdibs.com

Hat and Handbag  late 1950s  The Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Model wearing a dress by Christian Dior, 1954. Photo by Philippe Pottier via theniftyfifties tumblr
1950 suzyparker-revlonadinred
1953 Mary Jane Russell for the Simplicity Spring Pattern Book
Photo by Lillian Bassman myvintagevogue tumblr
Curtiss Baby Ruth advertisement, 1953 theniftyfifties tumblr
Hat and Gloves  1950  The Los Angeles County Museum of Art

How to find shoes for your weird feet. 

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  1. I have to match my hair and belt accessories to each other, along with my necklace and sometimes my cardigan. I may also match my tights or shoes (though a lot of the time I end up wearing my brown boots 'cause they are comfy). And all those have to compliment my main attire.

  2. I also have to match my clothes and accessories. The article was interesting especially the fashion adds. I was reminded of Queen Mary's black hat by LACMA's red one and scarf from the late 1950s


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