Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Gail Carriger in Vintage 1940s Forest Green Pencil Dress

You've likely seen me in this dress before, Fashionable Reader. It's an old favorite that I trot out for events I think aren't going to be too warm. (The dress itself is quite warm.) I was wrong in this instance: it was, in fact, too warm. Ah well.

It's a vintage 1940s piece that I appreciate for the artful draping, amazing fit, and general cut, although the shoulders are a bit much.

I'm wearing my forest green dress (similar Newdow Pencil Dress $25 or this Firpearl Crew Neck Ruffle Hem Midi Sweater Dress $35) with a teeny tiny black hat (similar $10 and similar steampunk $18), obligatory pen necklace (on sale for $8), Badali's new Bumbersnoot necklace in antique bronze ($29), vintage leather day gloves (similar $19), and Miz Mooz Women's Judy Dress Pump in Forest ($130).

Other times I have worn this dress...

1953-1954  The Metropolitan Museum of Art

This 1957 Norell Dress made an appearance in How to Marry a Millionaire.

Norman Norell, 1957  The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Screen Cap from the Film

Norman Norell, 1957  The Metropolitan Museum of Art Lauren Bacall

And for the characters!

For Primrose...

Walking Suit  1897-1898  The Metropolitan Museum of Art copy

For Countess Nadasdy...

Visiting Dress  1898-1900  The Metropolitan Museum of Art

For Prudence....

Walking Dress  Jean-Philippe Worth, 1902  The Metropolitan Museum of Art 

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