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Zazzle Shirts On The Rack! How Do They Fit? Gail Carriger Merch Report

So my dears, I’ve started puttering about with merchandise! This post being on Retro Rack it's going to be all about Zazzle's shirts in particular. How do they fit, and what do they look like on a Retro Rack.

T-Shirts for Ladies, Gentlemen, and Infant Inconveniences

So the thing to know about Zazzle is you can take any of the designs you like and put them on 146 other styles of tops ~ men's, babies, hoodies, tanks, polo, jersey, etc. Although I tend to have designed for the shirt displayed in my store.

The print quality is REALLY HIGH. Frankly, I'm super impressed with everything Zazzle produces that I've seen so far. So pretty. So clear.

So what do they look like on The Rack?

A quick reminder: I wear about a size 6. My Bra size these days is about 32DDD or 30E/G. In the photos below I am wearing a vintage minimizing bra.

Maker: Bella

The cotton tends to be thinner than American Apparel. However, American Apparel has its own issues (see further below).


 Here is the Women's Bella Flowy Circle Top in a SMALL.

Sorry I didn't get one of the front, but it looks very like the stock picture. I like the drape a lot. The material is light and stretchy, comfortable, this is a great travel shirt.


Here is the Women's Bella Melange Ringer T-Shirt in a MEDIUM.

These are soft cotton, I like the length and style of the sleeves in particular, I only wish there were more color options (right now there is this tan, a blue, and a pink).

Maker: Zazzle's Home Brand


Women's Football T-Shirt (Team Soap and Team Felix) in a Ladies size MEDIUM.

This is likely my favorite shirt. It's the right style for my body type, the medium is fantastic great fit, excellent neckline, and that perfect thickness of cotton to be comfortable, not too warm, but still drape nicely. Highly recommended.


The quality isn't great they are a little thin, I'd get in a darker color. But the cotton is nice and sort. The medium fit me well, a little tight in the sleeves.

Maker: Hanes


Women's Hanes Nano Long Sleeve T-Shirt size MEDIUM. Isn't it amazing how different the various makers are? I like this shirt well enough, but it's a little big. I might get the SMALL if I ordered again.

Maker: American Apparel



The American Apparel line (while the highest quality and thickest cotton) runs SMALL. 
Gail Tested: I normally wear between and small and a medium, I'm basically a size 6. But I ordered the American Apparel in M and it was at least a size too small. So I, a size 6, am wearing a LARGE. However, the cut is pretty boxy too, so it doesn't seem much different from the men's in the end. In fact, I suggest ordering a men's instead. I would get a men's SMALL.

Finishing School Shirts
Vintage fan and name of book and author on front pocket, quote on back:
All the Best Geniuses Are Evil; Who Doesn't Want a Wicker Chicken?

Women's American Apparel Fine Jersey T-Shirt size LARGE.


Not recommended. Sizing is a little off and the cotton is scratchy. Thicker than some of the other shirts but I didn't like the feel against my skin.

How did they wash?

Well the three that fit me (most of the American Apparel ones have gone into the future contests/give away pile, for tiny people who read my newsletter) I washed before the photo shoot. So you can see what they look like after. (I always wash on cold, inside out, gentle cycle, and line dry.)

They seem pretty good. I've washed the Bella circle shirt about a half dozen times now and it still looks good. Pretty chuffed actually.

Any questions, do leave a comment below and I will try to answer them.

If you want to know about why I chose Zazzle and what else is available I've a post on my Author Blog. 

Retro Rack is also on facebook where I post additional images and fashion thoughts.

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