Thursday, May 26, 2016

Gail Carriger's New Acquisitions ~ Staples, Bras and T-shirts

My dear Fashionable reader, here are a few things I have added to my wardrobe recently...

Black Pussycat Bow Blouse (similar $18)

I found this blouse at Nordstrom Rack and since my previous one had died I added this to my collection. For me it's a staple as I can use it for both regular and steampunk events.

The Power Broker- 30s Vintage Style Retro Double Button Skirt $35
This red trumpet skirt also comes in black (and I found it in blue/teal too). I'm a size 4-6 and I got the small, which fits nicely. It's the same maker that did my grey fishtale steampunk baby, so I was worried it would be too high waisted but this one is perfect. There is just enough detail around the tummy to camouflage a bit, and it will work with both regular and steampunk. I think I may wear it with my Class Five corset to my San Diego steampunk event this year. 

I went to the Alameda Vintage Fashion Fair last month and picked up these leather gloves. The more I wear gloves (which I try to always do for events now) the more I gravitate to leather. It's just way easier to function in. I'm fortunate that I have relatively small hands so I can usually find something that fits. I found two small white pairs, one with tiny bows and the other in a tux style.

And I found these black leather ones. They are lined, which my other ones just like them are not, so these should last better and stay looking nice longer.  

I'm pretty happy with this score although they weren't cheap at $20-$30 a pop. 

Fantasie Women's Lois Underwire Side Support Bra $50

Got this Fantasie bra, which is a style I also had before my surgery. I had it in black and nude, but this time I ordered the red. I have one very low cut red pencil dress that needs a good bra and this seems to be the only one that would work. I ordered it in a 30G which fits fine, although I likely could have done the 30FF. I actually cut out the mesh part to turn it from full coverage into balcony (that's what I did with the previous ones too). 

b.tempt'd by Wacoal Ciao Bella Balconette Bra $38

On the balcony bra hunt I also got this one. I have a Wacoal lace set that this basically goes with, since Wacoal isn't offering it anymore I couldn't simply re-buy the original bra. I got this in a 32DDD which fit fine (first time I've worn a D in a decade). The band is a little lose (I have to wear it on the tightest setting) but this bra is mostly for show, not function, so it doesn't matter all that much. 

 Rosme Women's "Grand" Balconette Bra $21

Buoyed by the success of the 32DDD wacoal, I ordered this bra in the same size. It turned out to be slightly big in the cups (if you would believe) but I kept it anyway (for that time of the month). It's also not as low in the larger cup size as it appears in the photo, but still a pretty bra.

With a great deal of travel coming up (the July book tour is looking to be 8 cities in 10 days) and a t-shirt sale I invested in some more of my own wares. I usually wear t-shirts when flying. I kind of adore how I can pick and choose the color and everything, it really allows me to fit it into my wardrobe.

Team Oxford Comma

I took my own advice and ordered this one in the American Apparel men's small and it fits great.

Oh dear, did I kill that character?

I'd rather be drinking tea

These two I ordered in the standard off brand t-shirt that Zazzle offers, mostly because I wanted specific colors. We shall see how they turn out. 

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