Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Gail Carriger's New Corset Report ~ Dark Garden's Cupid Underbust

Recently I reported going in to get my corsets resized at Dark Garden. Two of them couldn't be down-sized for the new and improved Lesser Rack. One of them went on consignment and the other I sold to a friend who happened to fit it perfectly! Yes!

Recently I was back getting a few things fitted, checking on the resizing, and picking up my new baby! This is a Cupid Off the Rack in a fabric I chose, size 23. (A good corset is sized via the waist measurement that it could take you all the way down too. Industry standard is to wear with a 2 inch gap at the back. So in this image my waist is about 25.)

This is a GREAT corset for a curvy girl, with extra panels to up the control. It's my new favorite of Dark Garden's RTW line.

Isn't she pretty? I'll be wearing this as a foundation garment, when necessary, on my up coming tour and for the ensuing months (until I get my new fully custom piece that will become my workhorse).

And yes, the reason I ordered it was because it reminded me, in the best possible way, of Victorian wallpaper.

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