Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Gail Carriger at an Edwardian Picnic Costuming Report

The one weekend I was home in August I went to an Edwardian Picnic in the East Bay.

This is not a time for which I have any specifically period accurate attire. Or better put, I have one late Edwardian costume but it's an indoor only evening gown with a long train that needs repairs. So I put this outfit together from bits and bobs. The hat is from an old (now defunct) walking dress outfit. The shirt is actually a 1970s peignoir, the skirt is actually the underskirt for the above mentioned evening gown and the vest I picked up at a thrift ages eyes ago and only now fits me (after the Rack Reduction, although it's still a bit tight in the boobs). Those are 1950s vintage leather gloves and that's a modern parasol. (I got the parasol from Lace Parasols Online, my favorite parasol purveyor. This is their Penelope and it's not lace, but broderie anglaise, which is why I like it so much. Everyone has the lace ones these days.)

Here you can see the hat a bit more. That's what happens to hats when left alone too long with me and a glue gun. I'm not wearing my standard glasses or lippy, and I've a ton of fake hair pinned on. How Gail looks incognito.

Here's the hat close up:

And here are the shoes:

These are super old I found them at a thrift store in the 90s.  But the brown ribbon in myself, now I think I'll switch to gold or cream so I can wear them with more stuff.

The picnic was quite lovely with everyone under the trees stylishly dressed. We had delicious nibbled and lovely tea.

Here are a few more outfits that caught my eye...

All in all a lovely little interlude over a busy weekend. Hope you all had lovely times too.

Costuming tip! Hat Trick: Instant Edwardian Glamour Using a Wreath and Wide Straw Hat
via The Pragmatic Costumer

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  1. the outfit really come together. did i miss what the shoes were?

  2. I can see myself in the background of a photo–pity I did not recognize you with the fun wig!

  3. Pity I didn't recognize you with the fun wig! Delighted you came and had a good time!


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